Jones Beach Facts

Jones Beach Facts
Jones Beach, also known as Jones Beach State Park, is located in the southern Nassau County area of New York State, on Jones Beach Island in Wantagh. Jones Beach Island is a barrier reef island linked by three parkways to Long Island. Jones Beach is a 6.5 mile long park facing the Atlantic Ocean and is one of New York's most popular summer destinations for city dwellers. Jones Beach was named after a 1600s Queens County militia member named Major Thomas Jones, known for creating a whaling station. Jones Beach encompasses an area of 2,413 acres and was officially created in 1929. Approximately 5,442,032 people visited Jones Beach in 2014.
Interesting Jones Beach Facts:
The three parkways linking Jones Beach to Long Island include Ocean Parkway, Wantagh State Parkway, and Meadowbrook State Parkway.
Jones Beach is located on an island that was originally swampy and often submerged during storms. Developers dredged to bring sand up and to create an island that no sits 12 feet above sea level. Beach grass was planted by hand in 1928 to help create a barrier to the wind that was blowing the sand around too much.
Many buildings in Jones Beach are Art Deco, created when this style of architecture was popular in the 1920s.
Jones Beach is home to Indian Village, an attraction created in the 1930s to help teach visitors about Native American culture and history.
Zach's Bay's beach, located on the bay as opposed to the Atlantic Ocean directly, was created to allow for water bathing.
There are two large boathouses still on Jones Beach were built when the park was being developed when Robert Moses served as the Long Island State Park Commission's President.
Jones Beach is home to a 188 foot tall water tower that was built in 1920 to mimic Venice, Italy's St. Mark's Basilica's bell tower.
Nikon at Jones beach Theater, which used to be known as the Jones Beach Marine Theater, is located half a mile north of the beach and can hold 15,200 guests. It is an outdoor amphitheater where famous musicians play during the summer, since 1952 since it first opened.
Jones Beach hosts one of the largest airshows in the United States each year named the Bethpage Air Show. In 2015 more than 231,000 people attended the air show.
During tourist season there are many concession stands along the boardwalk in Jones Beach. The boardwalk in Jones Beach is two miles long.
The West Bath House is a public pool for visitors to Jones Beach. The East Bath House closed in 2009 but may be reopened in the future.
Jones Beach has a variety of amenities for visitors including the beach, the boardwalk, museum and visitor center, performing arts center, playgrounds, showers, gift shop, and opportunities to play golf, fish, go crabbing, and places to grab a snack or meal.
Visitors to Jones Beach can arrive by car, boat, bus, or bicycle.
Seafood is a popular choice at restaurants in the Jones Beach area, and there are several accommodation options for tourists as well.

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