Manhattan Beach Facts

Manhattan Beach Facts
Manhattan Beach is located in the southwest region of Los Angeles County in the state of California. Manhattan Beach. It is considered one of three of South Bay's Beach Cities. Manhattan Beach encompasses 3.94 square miles, and has a full time resident population of over 35,740. The land of Manhattan Beach was once sand dunes. Much of the sane was shipped to Hawaii to create Waikiki's sandy beach and it was also used to build the Pacific Coast Highway and Los Angeles Coliseum. The name 'Manhattan' was determined in 1902 by the developer who lived in New York City's Manhattan borough, and 'Beach' was added by the postmaster in 1927.
Interesting Manhattan Beach Facts:
Manhattan Beach's schools were ranked #1 by Forbes in 2014, and it has a more educated population than any other suburb in Los Angeles.
Two of the most popular activities in Manhattan Beach include surfing and volleyball.
Manhattan Beach's tallest hill is 244 feet tall and found in its southwest region.
Approximately 3.8 million tourists arrive in Manhattan Beach every year.
Manhattan Beach's largest employer is Target, followed by Skechers, Macy's, Fry's Electronics, and Marriot.
Manhattan Beach is located on Santa Monica Bay's southern end.
Manhattan Beach has 2.1 miles of beach.
At the end of Manhattan Beach Boulevard is a 928 foot long pier where fishing is permitted from all year long.
Manhattan Beach has 48 acres of parkland.
Manhattan Beach Parkway is 21 acres in size.
The average rainfall in Manhattan Beach is roughly 12 inches.
Although Manhattan Beach is built on sand dunes, the only exposed sand dune still remaining is at Sand Dune Park.
The International Surf Festival and the Manhattan Beach Open Volleyball Tournament is held every August in Manhattan Beach.
Neighborhoods in Manhattan Beach include El Porto, Poet's Section, Liberty Village, The Knolls, Manhattan Heights, The Village, Gas Lamp Section, Tree Section, Hill Section and the Sand Section.
Manhattan Beach has the Roundhouse Marine Studies Lab and Aquarium where visitors can see a variety of sea life species.
Manhattan Beach's downtown area is a great place for visitors to shop or grab a meal.
There is a bike path at the eastern edge of the Strand that extends to Santa Monica in the north and Palos Verdes in the south.
Manhattan Beach was rated #1 in 2011 as the Best Place for the Rich and Single.
Because of its beauty Manhattan Beach has been given the nickname 'Pearl of the South Bay'.
The annual Hometown Fair is held in Manhattan Beach in Live Oak Park. It has been held every year for more than 50 years and features food and drinks and entertainment to raise money for local charities and causes.
Manhattan Beach has been featured in many Hollywood films and series including 1408, 2012, Against All Odds, CSI Miami, Jerry Maguire, Weeds, Veronica Mars, Tequila Sunrise, Point Break, and Starsky and Hutch.
The members of the band The Beach Boys surfed at Manhattan Beach growing up, as they were from Hawthorne, an adjacent city.

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