Pismo Beach Facts

Pismo Beach Facts
Pismo Beach is located in California's Central Coastal area, in San Luis Obispo County. Pismo Beach was established as a town in 1891 by John Michael Price, who bought the land from Isaac Sparks. Price Historical Park was once John Michael Price's homestead. Pismo Beach got its name from the Chumash language word Pismu, meaning tar. Tar springs were found in Price Canyon which the Chumash Indians used for sealing canoes. Pismo Beach's first wharf was built in 1882. A full pier was constructed in 1924 and renovated in 1985. Pismo Beach was once called the Clam Capital of the World but clams are no longer common there.
Interesting Pismo Beach Facts:
The population of Pismo Beach was over 8,200 in 2016.
Pismo Beach covers an area of 13.48 square miles, but 9.88 square miles are water.
Pismo Beach sits on the Pacific Ocean between San Francisco and Los Angeles.
Surfing is popular in Pismo Beach due to the quality of waves, but the water can be chilly.
Pismo Preserve is a 900 acre protected piece of land where visitors can hike or travel on bike or horseback. Threatened species can be found in the preserve, such as the California red-legged frog.
The Oceano Dunes provide visitors with a place to enjoy off-roading in the sand or camping along the water.
At Pismo Beach Monarch Butterfly Grove there are approximately 25,000 monarch butterflies at any time between October and February. It is one of the largest monarch butterfly colonies in the country.
Pismo Beach was once a clam lover's dream but due to overharvesting they are low in numbers now. The Pismo Beach Clam Festival is still held every year.
There is an 8 inch Pismo clam shell on display at the Pismo Chamber of Commerce.
The pier at Pismo Beach is 1200 feet long and is a popular pier for fishing, watching the whale migration, or watching the sunset.
There are four wine regions within 35 miles of Pismo Beach.
Eldwayan Ocean Park is located at Shell Beach in Pismo Beach. At low tide visitors can see anemones, puffy sea stars, crabs, limpets and urchins.
There are mineral springs in Pismo Beach that were discovered when oil prospectors found them in around 1900.
Pismo Beach hosts classic car shows.
Visitors to Pismo Beach can enjoy water sports such as kite boarding, fishing, scuba diving, wake boarding, surfing, swimming, boating, or play beach volleyball.
Pismo Beach has dune buggies that can be rented to drive in the sand.
Pismo Beach has city parks that are popular with dog walkers, photographers, and joggers, as well as picnickers and people looking for a place to stroll.
There is an abundance of marine wildlife to be found in Pismo Beach including otters, elephant seals, and whales.
Dinosaur Cave Park is located in Pismo Beach. It features an amphitheater, play area, concrete dolphins, and Oreo the Orca Whale.
Those who want to shop in Pismo Beach can visit Pismo Beach Premium Outlet Mall, where 40 retail stores are located.

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