Amanda Knox Facts

Amanda Knox Facts
Amanda Knox is an American activist and writer who became well-known internationally after having spent almost four years in an Italian prison for a wrongful murder conviction. She was born Amanda Marie Knox on July 9th, 1987, in Seattle, Washington, to Edda Mellas and Curt Knox. Her mother is a math teacher and her father is a VP of finance. Amanda first visited Italy when she was 15 and loved the country so much that she decided to spend a year of her university education in Italy. While there her roommate was murdered and Amanda Knox was convicted of the crime. She was acquitted, convicted again, and then in 2015 her conviction was overturned.
Interesting Amanda Knox Facts:
Amanda Knox has a younger sister and two step-sisters. She was very young when her parents divorced.
In university while studying a linguistics degree Amanda Knox made the Dean's List.
Amanda Knox worked several part time jobs to help pay for her tuition to attend the University for Foreigners in Perugia, Italy, when she was 20.
Amanda Knox shared an apartment in Perugia with Meredith Kercher, a 21 year old from London who was also in Italy studying linguistics.
Amanda Knox met 23 year old Raffaele Sollecito soon after arriving in Perugia and they began dating.
The night Meredith Kercher was murdered Amanda had been told she wasn't needed at the pub where she worked and she went to spend the night with Raffaele at his apartment.
When Amanda and Raffaele returned to Amanda's apartment the next day they found the apartment in a mess and blood in the bathroom.
Police were called and two postal police officers arrived. They kicked down the bedroom door to Meredith's room and found her murdered.
Amanda and Raffaele were taken into custody and interrogated for five days.
Amanda Knox signed a confession to the murder but no interpreter had been present during the interrogation. Both she and Raffaele were charged with the murder.
DNA evidence pointed to Rudy Guede who lived in the apartment below Amanda and Meredith. He was found guilty of murder and sexual assault and sentenced to 30 years.
Despite Rudy Guede saying that Amanda and Raffaele were not involved both were tried and convicted of the murder in 2009. Amanda was sentenced to 26 years and Raffaele was sentenced to 25 years.
The case became an international scandal with the Italian legal system being heavily criticized for having serious flaws.
In 2010 Amanda and Raffaele's lawyers filed appeals and in 2011 the convictions were overturned.
Amanda returned home to Washington and in 2013 learned that the Italian courts were ordering her and Raffaele to stand trial for the murders again.
Amanda and Raffaele were both found guilty of the murder for the second time but Amanda did not attend trial.
In 2015 Italy's Supreme Court overturned the conviction and this became the final ruling.
Amanda Knox announced in 2017 that she was devoting her activism and writing career to help fight for those wrongly accused.

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