Bonnie and Clyde Facts

Bonnie and Clyde Facts
Bonnie and Clyde were Americans who became famous when they began robbing and killing during the Great Depression. They were born Bonnie Elizabeth Parker (October 1, 1910), in Rowena, Texas, and Clyde Chestnut Barrow (March 24, 1909) in Ellis County, Texas. It is believed that they met on January 5, 1930 at Clarence Clay's - a friend of Clyde's - home in West Dallas. They were reportedly crazy about each other from the time they met and many believe that Bonnie followed along with Clyde because she was blinded by love. Clyde began robbing stores and gas stations with a group in 1932, including Bonnie.
Interesting Bonnie and Clyde Facts:
Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow never legally married. Bonnie was legally married to Roy Thornton and had a tattoo of their names together on her knee.
Shortly after meeting Bonnie, Clyde was arrested for previous crimes he had committed and was on the run from.
Bonnie smuggled a gun into Clyde's cell to help him escape from jail. Clyde was caught and sentenced to 14 years.
Clyde had 'USN' tattooed on his arm because he wanted to join the US Navy. He was rejected for medical reasons and didn't take it very well.
Clyde was charged when he was younger with stealing a truck full of turkeys.
While on the run Bonnie and Clyde left behind a film roll that contained personal photos across the United States. The film was developed and published in newspapers across the country.
Clyde's brother Buck was also a criminal and was eventually killed in a police shootout in 1933. Buck's wife Blanche was also a criminal and was captured when Buck was killed.
Bonnie was only 4'11" tall and Clyde was only 5'4" tall. They were short even for the time, when men and women were shorter than they are today.
While serving time in a labor camp Clyde cut off two toes not knowing he was soon to be released. A few days later he was released due to his mother's coaxing to a judge.
Bonnie spent two months in jail after first beginning to commit crimes with Clyde. While serving time she began to write poetry.
Bonnie had wanted to become an actress and Clyde wanted to be a musician. Instead they robbed banks and stores and killed people that got in their way.
When Clyde kidnapped people he often gave them money so that they could get back home when he released them.
Bonnie and Clyde often stopped to visit family while on the run. This is how they were found by the Texas Rangers eventually.
Bonnie and Clyde were set up by a gang member's father, and the Texas Rangers were waiting to ambush them the day they were killed.
Bonnie and Clyde robbed 15 banks during their spree.
Bonnie and Clyde wished to be buried together but after they were shot and killed, Bonnie's mother made sure they were buried separately as she did not approve of Clyde.
There is a festival every year to honor the ambush of Bonnie and Clyde. Several movies have been made about the couple, as well as many books published.

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