Calvin Coolidge Facts

Calvin Coolidge Facts
Calvin Coolidge was the 30th United States President, most famous for his quiet personality, which resulted in him earning the nickname 'Silent Cal'. He was born John Calvin Coolidge Jr., on July 4th, 1872, in Plymouth Notch, Vermont, to John Calvin Coolidge Sr., and Victoria Josephine Moor. His father was a farmer and shopkeeper, as well as a public servant, and his mother, who was often ill, died when he was only twelve. Calvin Coolidge went to Massachusetts' Amherst College, apprenticed at a law firm, and opened his own law office in 1898, after being admitted to the bar in 1897. Calvin went on to pursue a political career and became the Vice President to President Harding in 1921. When Harding died in 1923 Coolidge became U.S. President. He was elected as U.S. President in 1924.
Interesting Calvin Coolidge Facts:
Calvin Coolidge's father taught him about hard work and honesty, and he grew up with puritan values.
As a child Calvin was known to be quiet, but hard working.
Calvin graduated from Amherst College and then went to Northampton to apprentice as a lawyer. It was cheaper to apprentice than to pay for law school and Calvin had learned the value of saving money at a young age.
Calvin Coolidge was admitted to the bar in 1897.
Calvin Coolidge opened his own law firm in Northampton in 1898, with a small inheritance from his grandpa and his own savings. That same year Calvin ran for Northampton City Council and won.
Calvin met Grace Anna Goodhue, a teacher at Clarke School for the Deaf in 1905. They married after a brief engagement.
In 1906 Calvin Coolidge was elected as a Progressive Republican in the Massachusetts House of Representatives.
Calvin Coolidge also served as Northampton's mayor.
Calvin Coolidge was elected lieutenant governor in Massachusetts, and then governor, in 1918.
In 1921 Calvin Coolidge became Warren G. Harding's Vice President.
In 1923 President Harding became ill and died, leaving Coolidge to serve as U.S. President.
In 1924 Calvin Coolidge was nominated to be the 30th U.S. President.
Calvin and Grace had two sons, John and Calvin. Calvin died when he was only 16, after a blister caused blood poisoning. He died shortly after the convention that nominated his father to run for presidency.
Distraught over his son's death, Calvin Coolidge was depressed. However he still won the election.
The 'Roaring Twenties' occurred while Calvin Coolidge was president. This era was a time of rapid growth economically.
Calvin Coolidge supported civil rights and gave government positions to African-Americans. He refused to appoint any KKK members to any position in office, and supported anti-lynching laws.
In 1924 Calvin Coolidge gave Native Americans full citizenship. He also allowed them to keep their tribal land rights.
In 1927 Calvin Coolidge announced that he would not be running for a second full term as the U.S. President.
Calvin Coolidge was the only president to be born on Independence Day in the U.S. - July 4th.
Calvin Coolidge died suddenly on January 5th, 1933, from heart issues.

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