Carly Fiorina Facts

Carly Fiorina Facts
Carly Fiorina is an American politician and businessperson most well-known for her time as CEO of Hewlett-Packard. She was born Cara Carleton Sneed on September 6th, 1954, in Austin, Texas to Madelon Montross and Joseph Tyree Sneed III. Her father was a professor at University of Texas Law and later dean of Duke University, Deputy U.S. Attorney General, and Judge. Her mother was an abstract artist. Carly attended London's Channing School, but graduated after attending five different high schools, in Durham, North Carolina. She was once interested in classical piano, dropped out after one semester of law, and married in 1977. In 1980 she received her Masters of Business Administration, and in 1989 she received her Masters at MIT Sloan School of Management.
Interesting Carly Fiorina Facts:
Carly married Todd Bartlem in 1977 and they were married until 1984.
In 1985 Carly married Frank Fiorina, which was a second marriage for both. He was an AT&T executive.
During college Carly Fiorina worked at Hewlett-Packard. She eventually came back and ran the company as its CEO.
When Carly Fiorina took the position of CEO at Hewlett-Packard in 1999 she was the first woman to lead a Fortune 500 company.
In 2005 Carly Fiorina was forced to resign from Hewlett-Packard because the company merged with Compaq. Her severance from the company was $21.4 million. She also received $21.1 million in stock options.
Carly Fiorina was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009, and a result became an advocate for clearer screening. She is now considered a breast cancer survivor.
While in treatment for breast cancer, Carly's youngest daughter Lori passed away.
In 2009 Carly Fiorina decided to run for the 2010 Senate and won the primary but lost the general.
Carly Fiorina announced she would run for the 2016 presidential campaign in 2015. She later suspended her campaign and joined Ted Cruz as his running mate. When he lost her bid for vice-president ended as well.
While Carly Fiorina has admitted she believes that global warming is an issue, she has doubted government can affect it.
Despite her belief that marijuana shouldn't be legalized she has said that as president she would allow states to have final say and that she would not enforce federal law.
Carly and her husband Frank Fiorina are worth an estimated $59 million. They live in Mason Neck, Virginia on an estate worth $6.6 million overlooking the Potomac River.
While Carly said she wanted to have children, she wasn't able and was step-mother to Frank's two daughters Lori and Traci, until Lori passed away in 2009.
Carly Fiorina's drug stance is to support treatment for addiction rather than focus on drug use as a criminal activity, due to the loss of her daughter Lori at 35 to addiction issues.
Carly Fiorina has led a number of non-profits around the world. She has a strong belief in helping and serving others.
If Carly Fiorina had successfully run for U.S. President she would have been the first female U.S. President in history.

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