Christian Longo Facts

Christian Longo Facts
Christian Longo is a convicted murderer who became well-known after he killed his wife and their three children and left their bodies in Oregon in 2001. Christian was born on January 23rd, 1974 in Michigan, to strict Jehovah's Witness parents. Christian met his wife Mary Jane Baker at the church where she was also a member. He was 25 and she was 19 when they married. Christian was known to be in financial trouble due to excessive spending habits and resorted to criminal behaviour in order to try to cover his debts, including grand theft auto. He was kicked out of the church when Mary Jane found evidence of his infidelity. He moved his family from Ohio to Oregon and a few months later the body of his son was found. Searches soon recovered the bodies of the rest of his family.
Interesting Christian Longo Facts:
Christian Longo was on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List when he was found living in Cancun, Mexico.
While living in Mexico to avoid authorities Christian Longo went by the name Michael Finkel, the name of a travel writer.
The first victim to be found was Zachary Longo, Christian's four year old son. His body was found floating in the water at a marina in Waldport, south of Newport, Oregon.
The second victim to be found was Sadie Longo was found three days after Zachary. She had been weighed down underwater.
Christian's wife was discovered in a suitcase. A second suitcase held the body of their two year old Madison.
Christian Longo admitted to killing Mary Jane and Madison but claimed that Mary Jane had killed Zachary and Sadie.
Christian Longo was spotted in Cancun, Mexico on December 27, 2001. A federal arrest warrant was issued on Lincoln County, Oregon on December 28th and on January 7th, 2002 he left the hotel he had been staying at.
Six days after leaving the hotel Christian Longo was arrested. He was taken into U.S. custody on January 14th, 2002 at George Bush International Airport.
Christian Longo was charged with several counts of aggravated murder and for unlawful flight because he fled the country.
Christian Longo was sentenced to death in 2003 but there has been a moratorium on executions in Oregon since 2011. He resides in Oregon State Penitentiary on death row.
Michael Finkel, the name used by Christian while fleeing the country and living in Cancun, was the name of a former New York Times reporter. Michael Finkel wrote a memoir about their experiences called True Story. It was later made into a 2015 movie.
Christian Longo has admitted to being a narcissist. He wrote a letter to a Portland, Oregon TV station claiming that he had narcissistic personality disorder which he claimed is self-centeredness due to a damaged core sense of self.
Christian Longo eventually admitted in 2011 that he did kill his family.
Christian Longo has stated that he doesn't think he can be redeemed for the crimes he has committed against his wife and three children.

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