Harrison Ford Facts

Harrison Ford Facts
Harrison Ford, an American actor and producer, was born on July 13th, 1942. He became famous when he took the role of Han Solo in Star Wars and for his role of Indiana Jones in the film franchise. He was born in Chicago, Illinois to Dorothy and Christopher Ford, both former actors. Harrison Ford was a very active Boy Scout member and achieved the second highest rank as Life Scout. This led to making Indiana Jones a Life Scout in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, a film that Harrison Ford worked on with Steven Spielberg.
Interesting Harrison Ford Facts:
After graduating from high school in 1960 Harrison Ford studied philosophy and English and developed an interest in drama when he took a course for easy credit.
In the mid-1960s Harrison Ford worked as a contract player at Columbia and then as Universal.
Early on in his career a film executive told Harrison Ford he would never make it in the business.
Harrison Ford was a struggling actor for many years. In 1973 George Lucas cast him in American Graffiti.
Harrison Ford landed the role of Han Solo for the first three Star Wars movies, as well as the 2015 Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens.
Harrison Ford was cast as Indiana Jones in the Indiana Jones films - which were a huge success.
By the 1990s Harrison Ford was earning $20 million a film and 15% of the box office.
In the latter part of the 1990s Harrison Ford starred in a few movies that were not successful but his role in Air Force One propelled him to the top again.
Harrison Ford was married to Mary Marquardt from 1964 until 1979, and they had two sons together.
Harrison Ford married Melissa Mathison on 1983 and had two children together.
Harrison Ford has been married to Calista Flockhart since 2010.
In 2015 Harrison Ford, a pilot, was in a plane crash when his vintage aircraft developed problems and he had to land on a golf course in California. He suffered a broken ankle and pelvis.
In 1983 while filming Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Harrison Ford suffered a herniated disc. He returned to set six weeks later after surgery and recovery.
Harrison Ford was in a helicopter crash in 1999 while piloting over Lake Piru in California. The helicopter was damaged but Harrison and the instructor were not seriously injured.
Movies that Harrison Ford is most famous for appearing in include Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Blade Runner, Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger, Air Force One, What Lies Beneath, The Fugitive, Six Days, Seven Nights, and many more.
Harrison Ford has been nominated for an Academy Award and several Golden Globe awards. He was given the Cecil B. Demille Award in 2002.
In 2010 Harrison Ford received the Wright Brothers Memorial Trophy and in 2013 he was named 48 on the list of Flying Magazine's 51 Heroes of Aviation.
In 2000 Harrison Ford was awarded the AFI Life Achievement Award.

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