Jeannette Walls Facts

Jeannette Walls Facts
Jeannette Walls is an American journalist and writer, most famous for her memoir titled The Glass Castle. She was born April 21, 1960, in Phoenix, Arizona, to Rex Walls and Rose May Walls. She has two sisters and a brother. Growing up her family moved around from Phoenix to California, to Nevada, and West Virginia. At 17 Jeannette moved to New York and lived with her sister Lori who was an artist for Archie Comics. She graduated from high school in New York thanks to loans, scholarships, and grants. She also worked at a law firm answering phones to support herself. In 1984 Jeannette graduated from Ohio State University.
Interesting Jeannette Walls Facts:
Jeannette Wells began working at the newspaper called The Phoenix, In Brooklyn early in her professional career.
Between 1987 and 1993 Jeannette Walls wrote the New York Magazine the column - the Intelligencer.
Between 1993 and 1998 Jeannette Walls wrote a gossip column for Esquire.
Beginning in 1998 Jeannette Walls worked for as a gossip columnist.
In 2000 Jeannette Walls published the humorous history about gossip in the U.S. titled Dish: The Inside Story on the World of Gossip.
In 2005 Jeannette Walls published the book The Glass Castle. It was a memoir about her childhood. It has sold more than 2.7 million copies and has won several awards. It had been on the NY Times Best Sellers list for 421 weeks as of June 2, 2018.
The Glass Castle is being adapted into a film after Paramount bought the film rights.

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