Mark Wahlberg Facts

Mark Wahlberg Facts
Mark Wahlberg is an American actor, former rapper, businessman, and producer. He was born Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg on June 5th, 1971 to Alma Elaine Donnelly and Donald Wahlberg, Sr., in Boston, Massachusetts. He was the youngest of nine siblings. Mark was in trouble in his youth, and charged with attempted murder. He pleaded guilty to assault and carries a felony record. When he was released from prison his brother Donnie was in the famous pop band New Kids on the Block. Mark became known as Mary Mark from Mary Mark and the Funky Bunch and had success in the music business as well. He worked as a model for Calvin Klein, and in 1993 made his acting debut in the TV movie The Substitute. He has since become a successful actor, businessman, and producer.
Interesting Mark Wahlberg Facts:
Mark Wahlberg's mother worked as a bank clerk, and his father worked as a delivery driver.
Mark's mother was Irish, English, and Canadian descent and his father was Irish and Swedish.
Mark's eight siblings include Donnie, Robert, Tracey, Paul, Michelle, Debbie, James, and Arthur.
Mark Wahlberg had been in trouble as many as 25 times while growing up, and had a cocaine addiction by the time he was only 13. He served 45 days of a two year sentence for assault.
Mark dropped out of high school but eventually earned his GED.
Mark Wahlberg was one of the original members of New Kids on the Block but went on to be part of the band known as Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.
After serving time Mark Wahlberg decided to turn his life around, and left the street gang he was associated with. He has publicly taken responsibility for his actions and not blamed his upbringing.
The song "Good Vibrations" was Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch's top hit. It hit number one on the Billboard charts in the early 1990s.
Rolling Stone Magazine voted Mark Wahlberg the 'worst male singer of the year' in 1992.
Mark Wahlberg was cast in both Ocean's Eleven and Brokeback Mountain. He turned down both roles.
Mark Wahlberg's break out acting role was in the movie The Basketball Diaries in which he played a drug-addict. He starred with Leo DiCaprio.
In 1996 Mark Wahlberg became even more well-known for the movie Fear, and in 1997 Traveller.
In 1997 Mark Wahlberg played Eddie Adams in Boogie Nights.
For the 2010 movie The Fighter Mark Wahlberg had to get into even better shape than for what he was known for. He prepared for the role for four years.
Mark Wahlberg has a 2,500 square foot gym in his house. It includes a full-size boxing ring.
Mark Wahlberg co-owns the restaurant Wahlburgers with his brothers.
Mark Wahlberg married in 2009 and has three children. His sister died the same day his first child was born in 2003.
Mark Wahlberg is very active in the Roman Catholic church but supports issues such as same-sex marriage. His rosary has been blessed by Pope Francis.

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