Birman Facts

Birman Facts
Birman, also known as sacred cat of Burma, is a type of semi-longhair domestic cat that originates from Burma. It was probably created by mixing Siamese with Angora or Persian cats. Birman has been introduced to Europe in 1919 and to the USA in 1959. Thanks to its beautiful coat, nice personality and low requirements, Birman is one of the most popular pets in the world today and the 9th most popular cat in the USA.
Interesting Birman Facts:
Birman is medium- to large-sized cat that can reach 6 to 12 pounds of weight.
Birman has silky coat of medium length. Just like Siamese, Birman has light, creamy or white-colored body with darker fur on the face, legs and tail (pointed pattern of coat). Its paws are always white with pattern described as "gloves and laces".
Birman doesn't have an undercoat and it belongs to the group of hypoallergenic cats.
Birman has broad, rounded head with prominent sapphire-blue eyes, medium-sized ears and stocky, powerful, rectangular body.
Birman cats initially served as loyal followers of Kitteh priests in Burma. According to a legend, blue-eyed goddess (that plays important role in the Burmese mythology) was responsible for the creation of the blue eyes and white paws of Birman cats, which are symbol of purity of this breed.
Birman is considered sacred in Burma due to an old belief that priests "re-appear" in the body of Birman cats after their death.
Name "Birmin" originates from a French word for Burma - Birmanie.
Birman is docile, affectionate and well-mannered cat that is suitable for families with children, cats and cat-friendly dogs.
Birman is very social cat that doesn't like to spend time alone. It often follows its owners wherever they go and enjoys to play with toys and other animals in the household.
Birman is intelligent and playful cat that can learn to play fetch. Unlike many other cats, it doesn't like to climb on the furniture (and other tall structures in the house) and it spends most of the time on the ground.
Birman is not very vocal cat. It produces soft, bell-like, meowing sound to inform its owner that it is time for dinner or cuddling.
Birman has long, silky coat that doesn't tangle or shed much. It needs to be combed one or two times per week to eliminate dead hairs and evenly distribute skin oil over the coat.
Birman gives birth to 6 kittens on average. Kittens are completely white at birth. Coat starts to change color after one or two weeks.
Birman is one of the healthiest cat breeds. In the rare cases, it can suffer from neuromuscular disorder, or it can be born hairless and with severe immune deficiency.
Birman has an average lifespan of 12 to 16 years.

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