Maine Coon Facts

Maine Coon Facts
Maine Coon is the largest type of domestic cat. It is native to North America (New England area). There are few theories that explain origin of Maine Coon. The most plausible is the one that suggests that Main Coon has been created by interbreeding shorthair domestic cat with longhair cats that arrived to North America on the ships of Vikings. Maine Coon was used to eliminate rodents from the farms and ships during the 19th century. It is still very common and popular breed today, but (despite its excellent hunting skills) it is mostly kept as a house pet.
Interesting Maine Coon Facts:
Maine Coon can reach 40 to 48 inches in length and 9 to 18 pounds of weight.
Maine Coon is also known as American longhair due to long, fluffy fur that is shaggy and usually brown tabby. Its fur can be also solid black, white or red and bi-colored (blue/white or red/white).
Maine Coon has square-shaped muzzle, large eyes (green, gold, copper or blue-colored), large ears, broad chest and large, rectangular, muscular body.
Maine Coon has furry ears and bushy tail which represent adaptation to a life in the cold areas. Its huge paws with large tufts of hair between the toes facilitate walking across the snow.
According to the widespread, but false belief, Maine Coon represents a blend of wild cat and raccoon. Aside from ringed tail and brown tabby coat, Maine Coon and raccoon have little in common.
Maine Coon is loyal, playful, laid-back and friendly cat. It is very intelligent and able to quickly learn to retrieve ball and small toys and to walk on the leash.
Maine Coon likes to be surrounded with people, but it is not typical lap cat. It is suitable for families with small children and other pets (it gets along both with cats and dogs).
Maine Coon has excellent hunting skills and it likes to spend time outdoors, but it should be kept inside the house for its own safety.
Maine Coon is good climber, but it spends most of the time on the solid ground. It likes to play with water and it is an excellent swimmer.
Maine Coon produces chirping sound when it detects prey and trilling sound when it is happy.
Maine Coon is the official state cat of Maine.
Maine Coon should be brushed two times per week to remove dead hairs and prevent formation of mats.
Maine Coon gives birth to 4 kittens on average. Kittens grow slowly and reach full size at the age of 3 to 5 years.
Maine Coon can suffer from hip dysplasia, cardiac and kidney disorders and spinal muscular atrophy.
Maine Coon has an average lifespan of 9 to 15 years.

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