Norwegian Forest cat Facts

Norwegian Forest cat Facts
Norwegian Forest cat, also known as Wegie, is an old breed of domestic cat that originates from Norway. Exact origin of Norwegian Forest cat is unknown. Some of the most probable ancestors are black-and-white shorthaired cats from Great Britain (that were brought to Norway by Vikings), and longhaired cats from Scandinavia (that were brought to Norway by Crusaders). Norwegian Forest cats were used to eliminate rodents from the ships and farms in the past. They are still very popular in Europe (especially Scandinavia and France), but they are mostly kept as house pets and show cats today.
Interesting Norwegian Forest cat Facts:
Norwegian Forest cat is large cat that can reach 9 to 22 pounds of weight.
Norwegian Forest cat has fluffy semi-long coat that is waterproof and available in various colors (all colors from pure white to pure black, except chocolate and lilac) and patterns (all patterns except pointed, that is typical for Siamese and Himalayan cats). Brown tabby and white coat is the most frequently seen.
Norwegian Forest cat has triangular-shaped face, large almond-shaped eyes, medium to large, tufted ears, large body, muscular legs with large, rounded, furry paws and long, bushy tail.
Dense coat, tufted ears and furry paws of Norwegian Forest cat represent adaptation to the cold, snowy winters in the areas close to Arctic.
Norwegian Forest cat looks like a Maine Coon and it shares many genetic similarities with this breed.
Norwegian Forest cat is gentle, friendly, laid-back and playful cat. It is suitable for families with children and other pets. Norwegian Forest cat likes to spend time close to its family, but it doesn't demand too much attention (cuddling schedule depends entirely on its mood).
Norwegian Forest cat is known for its excellent climbing skills. It can climb on any kind of tree and even a rock thanks to its strong claws. Norwegian Forest cat also often demonstrates its climbing abilities indoors by climbing to the highest point in the house.
Norwegian Forest cat should be kept away from aquariums because it likes water and doesn't hesitate to grab the fish located inside.
Norwegian Forest cat is independent by nature and able to entertain itself when it is left on its own.
Norwegian Forest cat is not very vocal. It uses its quiet voice to inform its owner that it is time for dinner.
Norwegian Forest cat is the national cat of Norway.
Norwegian Forest cat needs to be brushed once or twice per week to keep shedding under control.
Norwegian Forest cat gives birth to 4 kittens on average. They mature slowly and reach full size at the age of 5 years.
Norwegian Forest cat is prone to cardiac disorders, hip dysplasia, glycogen storage disease and polycystic kidney disease.
Norwegian Forest cat has an average lifespan of 12 to 16 years.

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