Tiffany Facts

Tiffany Facts
Tiffany, also known as Chantilly, is medium-sized cat created in New York in 1969. Tiffany is not a descendant of a Burmese cat (even though this two breeds share many similarities). It was created from a pair of two chocolate-brown cats of unknown origin. Tiffany was initially known as "foreign longhair", but its name was soon changed to Tiffany. To avoid confusion with already existing British breed called Tiffanie (made by mixing Burmese and Chinchilla/Persian cat), Tiffany was later renamed to Chantilly and it is usually known as Tiffany/Chantilly today. Despite its beautiful coat and pleasant personality, Tiffany is still rare breed today.
Interesting Tiffany Facts:
Tiffany can reach 8 to 12 pounds of weight.
Tiffany has soft, silky fur of medium length without or with little undercoat. Most cats are chocolate brown in color, but this breed is also available in black, blue, fawn, lilac, champagne, platinum and silver color. Coat can be solid, agouti/ticked or tabby.
Tiffany can be a good choice for cat lovers with mild allergy due to lack of undercoat.
Tiffany has broad head, softly squared muzzle, oval, yellow eyes, medium-sized, hairy ears with rounded tips, elongated body and thick, long, well-plumed tail.
Tiffany is intelligent cat that is often described as "born-trained" because of its ability to quickly learn what's allowed and what's forbidden in the house.
Tiffany is affectionate, docile, gentle, loyal, devoted and sweet cat that builds strong bonds with one or two members of the family.
Tiffany enjoys the company of people and doesn't like to be alone. It belongs to the group of moderately-active cats. Tiffany likes to cuddle and follow its owners throughout the house.
Tiffany is suitable for families with children and other cats. It is reserved in front of the strangers.
Tiffany is an ideal companion for elder and handicapped people thanks to its low requirements and nice temper.
Tiffany expresses its needs via soft chirping voice.
Tiffany doesn't shed much. It should be brushed once or twice per week to prevent formation of mats (especially on the neck and legs). Its ears should be cleaned regularly to prevent plugging of ear canal with wax.
Tiffany gives birth to 5 to 6 kittens on average. Mother usually nurses her babies until the age of 8 weeks.
Unlike adults, kittens are very active and playful. They mature slowly and reach adult size and fully-developed coat at the age of 2 years.
Tiffany is generally healthy breed. It can suffer from gastrointestinal disorders (dairy and corn products shouldn't be on the menu). Tiffany can sometimes pull its own hairs from the body as a result of excessive grooming. This bad habit leads to bald patches on the body and accumulation of hairballs in the stomach.
Tiffany has an average lifespan of 9 to 16 years.

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