South African Culture Facts

South African Culture Facts
The culture of South Africa is diverse but the cultural traditions tend to survive more in the impoverished populations that continue to live in rural communities. Many South Africans living in urban enters speak English as well as their native languages. There are 11 native languages in South Africa and several endangered languages still spoken in small groups. The white middle class population in South Africa is similar culturally to North America and Western Europe but the rural South Americans retain their heritage and other cultural traditions. Because of the diversity in South Africa's ethnicity it has been nicknamed the 'Rainbow Nation'.
Interesting South African Culture Facts:
The original inhabitants of South Africa were the San and KhoiKhoi aboriginal people.
The Europeans and the Bantu from further north in Africa brought with them their cultures and traditions.
The rock art seen throughout South Africa originates with the San and KhoiKhoi people.
The San aboriginals are still highly valued today for their ability to track, which helps in the fight to stop poachers from illegally murdering animals.
South Africa is Known for the Zulu culture, which has warriors bearing shields, as well as for their beehive huts and bead and basket work.
The Xhosa culture in South Africa is known for its complicated dress code that demonstrates the individual's social status.
The Ndebele culture in South Africa is known for the vibrant geometric design that women use in their homes as well as in beadwork and blankets.
The Sotho culture in South Africa is known for building villages and for marrying cousins on the mother's side.
The Nguni culture of South Africa does not believe in marrying close relatives and are organized as clans.
The Shangaan culture in South Africa is based upon a mixed ancestry and the people are known for their round huts and thatched roofs. They enjoy crocodile and wild game in abundance due to their location.
South Africa's Venda culture believes that water is sacred and it is the smallest culture in the country.
South African culture has also been influenced by immigration from India, China. Madagascar, the East Indies, and East Africa.
Some of the Africa's richest archeological sites have been discovered in South Africa, providing insight into early cultures.
South Africa's most popular sports include cricket, soccer, and rugby, however swimming, hockey, golf, boxing, tennis, and netball are also commonly enjoyed.
South African cuisine relies heavily on meat. The South African barbecue is referred to as a braii.
Music from South Africa is very diverse. Major jazz musicians have emerged from the country including High Masekela and Chris McGregor. Johnny Clegg and Seether are bands that became famous internationally.
South Africa is known for its spoken poetry which has begun to become popular around the world.
Much of South Africa's historical architecture is from the colonial period but influence from around the world has also helped to shape the features of building design.
Mining continues to be the largest industry in South Africa, but the wine industry and others are beginning to grow in popularity as well.

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