South Korean Culture Facts

South Korean Culture Facts
The culture of South Korea includes its traditions and customs, as well as folklore, music, language, art, and food, which developed from the early Korea culture. In 1948 South Korea split from North Korea and started along a path of westernization. Prior to splitting from North Korea, South Korea was heavily influenced by Chinese culture. Today this has changed so much that many South Koreans prefer western food instead of traditional Korean food. Traditions and cuisine still vary from region to region with some people maintaining food customs, but there are no taboos. Traditions such as removing one's shoes before entering someone's home still remain.
Interesting South Korean Culture Facts:
In Korea the family name comes before the given name. It is impolite to address someone by their given name unless invited to do so.
It is not polite to smile at someone - instead people are often greeted with a stern face, which is opposite to their friendly personalities.
In Korea women are not supposed to shake hands with a western man. The traditional greeting is a bow.
It is considered a violation to touch someone unless you are a close friend or relative.
Eye contact in business between senior and junior professionals is considered to be a challenge. It should be avoided.
Passing an object or receiving an object should always be done with two hands or with the right hand only.
It is rude in Korea to stretch one's legs in front of themselves or to cross one's legs.
In Korean culture it is rude to accept a compliment. It should always be denied.
Kimchi is a popular traditional Korean food made from fermented cabbage. It is eaten at most meals and as an ingredient for other dishes. Most consume about 40 pounds of kimchi each year and making kimchi is considered a test of a housewife's skills.
The national drink in South Korea is soju, which is a clear drink similar to vodka. The traditional Korean 'cheers' is 'geonbae'.
Rice was commonly consumed at every meal in South Korea culture but as it becomes more western some people start their day with eggs and toast instead.
In South Korea it is still common to eat one's meal while sitting on the floor, with chopsticks and/or a spoon.
South Korea is an animation creation hotspot. Many animated series considered very popular in English, such as Family Guy, King of the Hill, and Futurama, are animated in South Korea.
In South Korea popular music is called K-pop, which includes bands such as Brown Eyed Girls, Bangtan Boys, Red Velvet, and hip hop artists such as Drunken Tiger and GDragon.
In South Korea marriages can occur because of love, or they can be arranged by family, friends, or matchmakers.
In Korean culture aging parents traditionally depend on their children for their care.
Religion in South Korea is freely practiced regardless is someone is Buddhist, Catholicism, Islamic, or Protestant.
New Year's Day and Ch'usok (harvest celebrations) are the most important national holidays.

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