Titanosaurus Facts

Titanosaurus Facts
Titanosaurus is a member of a group of armored sauropod dinosaurs. It lived 83 to 65 million years ago (late Cretaceous period). Titanosaurus was the last type of sauropod dinosaurs that roamed the Earth before the mass extinction (the end of dinosaur era). First fossil of Titanosaurus was discovered in 1877 in India. Ever since that time, numerous fossils of Titanosaurs were found all over the planet except in the north and central parts of North America and Antarctica. Paleontologists have described around 50 species of titanosaurus so far. Common features for all species are unique morphology of vertebrae and fact that all species are described based on the partial fossil samples. Despite the similarities in the morphology of bones of described species of Titanosaurus, only two species are currently classified as "true" Titanosaurus species, while others are assigned into other genera of dinosaurs.
Interesting Titanosaurus Facts:
Titanosaurus was able to reach length of 30 to 40 feet and weight of 13 tons.
Name "Titanosaurus" means "titanic lizard" due to large body size typical for this group of dinosaurs.
Titanosaurus had small head, long neck, wide chest, massive body, slim pelvis (compared to other sauropods), stocky limbs and long, whip-like tail. Front legs were much shorter than hind legs.
Unlike most species of sauropods, which have hollow chambers in the neck vertebrae, Titanosaurus had solid vertebrae (this feature is used for identification of "new" species of Titanosaurus). Reduction of the weight in neck (that can be accomplished via hollow chambers in vertebrae) wasn't necessary for Titanosaurus because it had shorter neck compared to other sauropods.
Titanosaurus had more flexible spine than other sauropods and it was probably more agile than other species of large herbivorous dinosaurs.
Titanosaurus was covered with rows of bony plates on dorsal side of the body. Main purpose of this armor was to protect Titanosaurus from predators.
Titanosaurus had lived and traveled in herds to ensure protection against predators.
Natural enemy of Titanosaurus was Abelisaurus.
Titanosaurus walked on four of legs (quadrupedal animal).
Titanosaurus was a herbivore.
Titanosaurus had small, peg- or spoon-shaped teeth that were evenly spaced.
Laying of eggs was taking place in the communal areas (hundreds of females were laying their eggs in the same area).
Despite huge body size, eggs of Titanosaurus were small. Eggs were laid in the nests in the ground and concealed with layer of vegetation and dirt on the surface.
Limb bones and few vertebrae were used to describe first Titanosaurus more than 130 years ago. Even though this group of dinosaurs was discovered long time ago, skull of Titanosaurus have not been found yet.
"Titanosaurus" was a name of giant aquatic dinosaur in the movie "Terror of Mechagodzilla" from 1975.

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