Affenpinscher Facts

Affenpinscher Facts
Affenpinscher is a type of terrier and member of the pinscher-schnauzer subgroup. It was created in Germany during the 17th century. Affenpinscher arrived to North America after the WWII and it instantly became popular as a companion dog. Affenpinscher is also known as "mustachioed devil" due to long mustaches and restless nature. Despite its playful nature and low grooming requirements, this breed is not very popular today. Greatest number of affenpinschers can be found in the homes around USA.
Interesting Affenpinscher Facts:
Affenpinscher can reach 9 to 11 inches in height and 7 to 9 pounds of weight.
Affenpinscher is covered with long, wiry, coarse fur that can be black, gray, silver, tan or red in color.
Affenpinscher has small body, domed head, short muzzle, small ears, bushy eyebrows, black, rounded eyes and protruding lower lip. Its tail is short and erected.
Affenpinscher was initially created to eliminate rats and mice from the kitchens, stables and shops in Germany and Central Europe.
Affenpinscher means "monkey-like dog" in German language ("affen" = "monkey", "pinscher" = "terrier"). Name refers to monkey-like expression of its face.
Affenpinscher is active, playful, adventurous, curious and stubborn. It easily gets along with other dogs and cats in the household (especially if they are raised together).
Affenpinscher is very loyal and protective dog. However, it is not recommended for the families with small children because it fiercely protects its toys and food and does not hesitate to bite when it is provoked.
Affenpinscher is normally not very loud, but when it detects intruder, it will bark loud enough to alert entire neighborhood. Affenpinscher is excellent watchdog.
Affenpinscher easily becomes over excited (when it is faced with threats of any kind) and it takes time to calm down. Despite its small size, it does not hesitate to fight with much larger animals and dogs..
Affenpinscher is intelligent dog that can be easily trained. It can walk on the hind legs and perform many funny tricks. That's why it is occasionally used as therapy dog.
Affenpinscher doesn't shed much, but it requires grooming at least once per week. Regular teeth hygiene and clipping of nails are also recommended.
Affenpinscher gives birth to 3 puppies per year. Babies are blind and helpless at birth.
Affenpinscher was used for creation of several popular breeds such as: Brussels Griffon, smooth haired German Pinscher and German Silky Pinscher.
Affenpinscher is healthy dog, but it is prone to cuts and fractures because of its active nature. It can also suffer from hip dysplasia and slipped stifle and experience respiratory difficulties during the hot weather.
Affenpinscher has an average lifespan of 12 years.

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