Ainu dog Facts

Ainu dog Facts
Ainu dog, also known as Hokkaido-Ken, is a type of Japanese Spitz. This is medium-sized dog, created by Ainu tribe (indigenous people of Hokkaido) around 3000 years ago. It tolerates freezing temperatures and heavy snowfalls and easily moves across rough terrains. Ainu dog is rarely found outside Japan, where this breed is popular as pet, guard dog and hunting dog.
Interesting Ainu dog Facts:
Ainu dog can reach 18 to 22 inches in height and 45 to 65 pounds of weight. Males are slightly larger than females.
Ainu dog has stiff, double coat that can be white, grey, red and light or dark brown-colored.
Ainu dog has broad head with small, dark brown eyes, small, triangular ears, pointed muzzle and black nose. Its tongue is often covered with small black spots. Ainu dog has muscular body and upturned tail.
Ainu dog was initially created to facilitate hunting of salmon, deer and bears, and to protect people from large animals.
Ainu dog is still mostly used for hunting. It is often kept in hunting kennels in Japan and used for keeping the population of wild boars and bear under control. It can be also trained to pull sleds and detect scents.
Ainu dog is excellent guard dog because of its wild, alert nature and great stamina and strength. It is very loyal to its owners and brave when it needs to protect them.
Ainu dog is very intelligent and it can be easily trained when its owner displays true qualities of "pack leader". It is impulsive, fast and it can become aggressive toward other dogs when it is not properly trained and disciplined.
Ainu dog possesses innate sense of direction and it can find the way to return to its owner even from very distant locations.
Ainu dog howls like a wolf when it is happy. Short and long barks can be heard during the hunt (sighting signals).
Due to its active nature, Ainu dog is not suitable for apartments and families with small children and other animals. It requires long walks on a daily basis to remain fit.
Ainu dog likes to hunt cicadas, rodents, birds and snakes in the backyard, but it never eats them (they serve only as "toys").
Ainu dog has rough, dense coat that needs to be brushed and combed regularly.
Female gives birth to 7 puppies on average. Like other dogs, puppies of Ainu dog are blind and nearly naked at birth. At the age of one months, they are ready to walk and explore their surroundings.
Ainu dog is generally healthy breed. However, 1/3 of all Ainu dogs suffers from Collie eye anomaly, genetic disorder that can result in blindness.
Ainu dog can survive from 12 to 14 years.

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