Akbash dog Facts

Akbash dog Facts
Akbash dog is large breed of dog that originates from plains and mountainous regions of West Turkey. It was created 3000 years ago. Akbash dog has thick, waterproof fur, designed for life in cold, rough environment. Akbash dog can be found around the world today. It is rarely kept as a house pet, and more commonly as a working dog, specialized for guarding of sheep, goats, cattle, horses, llama, alpaca and other animals.
Interesting Akbash dog Facts:
Akbash dog can reach 28 to 32 inches in height and 90 to 130 pounds of weight.
Akbash dog is covered with, short or medium-sized white fur.
Akbash dog has big head, almond-shaped eyes, V-shaped ears with slightly rounded tips and powerful jaws. It has short neck, strong body, long legs and thick, padded feet with large, curved toes. Its tail is curled and covered with long, feathery fur.
Akbash dog was initially created to guard flocks of sheep. White color of the fur was selected on purpose to match with color of the sheep wool and avoid potential confusion with wolves and other predators.
Akbash dog is still frequently used as guard dog, both in Turkey and in the other parts of the world. It is very popular guard dog for livestock in South America and Colorado because of its keen sense of hearing and ability to easily detect coyotes and bears.
Akbash dog is very intelligent animal, but it is not suitable for inexperienced owners. It requires firm and confident owner which can cope with dominant and aggressive nature of this breed.
Akbash dog is extremely courageous animal that will risk its own life to protect its herd and family.
Akbash dog is independent animal with strong protective instincts that enable fast recognition of potential threats and ensure swift reaction in the case of emergency. Akbash dog is very suspicious toward strangers in the house.
Akbash dog can be kept both inside or outside the house, but it prefers backyards, especially in rural and semi-rural areas. It requires long walks on a daily basis and enough space to run freely.
Akbash dog is clean and calm animal with strong maternal instinct. It often takes part in cleaning of lambs after birth.
Despite its dense fur, Akbash dog is relatively clean and odorless breed. It requires brushing at least once per week to facilitate shedding of fur.
Female gives birth to 7 to 9 puppies (8 puppies on average). Puppies become mobile within 6 weeks after birth.
Together with Kangal, Akbash dog was used for creation of Anatolian shepherd dog.
Akbash dog is healthy breed, but it can suffer from hip dysplasia, epilepsy and heart disorders.
Akbash dog has an average lifespan of 10 to 11 years.

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