Akita dog Facts

Akita dog Facts
Akita dog is type of medium to large dog that belongs to the Spitz family. It originates from Akita province in the northeastern parts of Japan (hence the name). Akita dog was created during the 1600s and it was restricted to Japan almost until the end of the Second World War. It was brought to America by a deafblind writer Helen Keller who received Akita as a present from Japanese government. Akita can be found around the world today. It is mostly used as hunting dog in Japan and as pet and guard dog in other parts of the world.
Interesting Akita dog Facts:
Akita dog can reach 24 to 28 inches in height and 70 to 130 pounds of weight.
Akita dog has thick double coat that can be red, white, brindle (tiger-striped), chocolate-brown, grey or black-colored.
There are two types of Akita dog: Japanese and American. American Akita is more robust and much larger compared with Japanese Akita. It has broad head with small triangular eyes. Japanese Akita has fox-like head and almond-shaped eyes. Both types have pointed ears, elongated, muscular body, strong legs with slightly webbed feet and curled, upturned tail.
Akita dog was initially created to guard and protect Shoguns of noble houses in Japan and to track and hunt fowl, wild boars, black bears and deer. It hunts silently, using the same stalking techniques as tiger.
Akita dog was used to guard children in Japan in the past, while mothers were busy working in the fields.
Akita dog is very loyal, courageous and affectionate. It is excellent guard dog that is naturally very suspicious toward strangers.
Akita dog has stubborn and determined nature and it requires respect, patience and understanding from its owner as well as firm, but loving discipline for the successful training.
Akita dog likes to carry toys and various items in the mouth. It will quickly bring newspapers, slippers or keys upon request.
Akita dog growls, groans, grunts and produces mumbling noise which all together sound like it is trying to tell something. It rarely barks.
Akita dogs of the same gender do not tolerate each other. Akita dog is also very aggressive toward other dogs in the household.
Akita dog sheds a lot. It should be brushed every daily during a period of heavy shedding which takes place two times per year.
Female gives birth to 3 to 12 puppies (7 on average). Litter consists of different colored puppies.
Akita dog prefers healthy food such as fish, vegetables and rice and it doesn't tolerate food and medicine filled with sugar, salt and artificial substances.
Akita dog is generally healthy but it can suffer from hip dysplasia, bloat and thyroid gland disorders.
Akita dog has an average lifespan of 10-12 years.

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