American Coonhound Facts

American Coonhound Facts
American Coonhound belongs to the group of hound dogs. This is large breed of dog that originates from North America. American Coonhound was created by mixing Bloodhound and Foxhound during the 17th and 18th century. Main purpose of the newly-created breed was to facilitate hunting of red fox and raccoons (and occasionally deer, bears, mountain lions, bobcats and wild boars) in rough, mountainous terrains. American Coonhound is still used for hunting. Aside from that, it is popular as pet and show dog.
Interesting American Coonhound Facts:
American Coonhound can reach 23 to 27 inches in height and 40 to 70 pounds of weight.
American Coonhound has thick coat that can be: red-and-white-ticked, blue-and white-ticked or tri-colored with tick pattern.
American Coonhound has broad head, long, drooping ears, large, muscular body, long, strong legs and high-set tail.
American Coonhound has excellent sense of smell, incredible speed and great stamina.
There are two types of American Coonhound today. One is used as a working dog, while the other is used for shows and competitions (such as National Dog Show).
American Coonhound has deep, loud barking which is used to alert the owner about potential danger (predator in the wild or stranger at the door) and trapped prey. Despite being excellent at detecting unknown guests, it is not good as guard dog because it easily creates friendly bonds with strangers.
American Coonhound is social animal that likes to be surrounded with people and other animals. American Coonhound is suitable for families with small children.
American Coonhound is alert, confident, gentle, kind and loyal dog that likes to please its owner. It requires firm training and owner with plenty of patience and experience which behaves as a leader of the pack.
American Coonhound is an intelligent, hard-working dog. It is curious by nature and it likes to detect and follow various scents, sounds and tracks. It also likes to chew things and "nest" on the couches and beds.
American Coonhound is very active breed. It is not suitable for apartments and urban areas. American Coonhound should be kept in houses with fenced yards which provide plenty of open space for running and exploring.
American Coonhound requires plenty of mental and physical exercises on a daily basis to remain healthy and avoid destructive behavior. It is an excellent companion for people who like to run or ride a bicycle.
American Coonhound has rough, hard coat of medium size. Since it sheds a lot, it should be groomed at least once per week to keep shedding under control.
American Coonhound gives birth to 7 puppies on average.
American Coonhound is generally healthy breed, but it may suffer from hip dysplasia, ear disorders and overheating during the summer.
American Coonhound has an average lifespan of 11 to 12 years.

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