American Foxhound Facts

American Foxhound Facts
American Foxhound is a type of large hound that originates from North America. It was created during the 18th century by George Washington, by mixing English Foxhound with French Foxhound. American Foxhound is an excellent hunter which can detect prey with little human guidance. It can hunt on its own or as a part of group of 10 to 20 animals. Despite its agility, endurance and excellent hunting skills, American Foxhound is rare breed today. It is usually kept on the farms in the southern and western parts of the USA and used for a hunt on the foxes.
Interesting American Foxhound Facts:
American Foxhound can reach 25 inches in height and 40 to 65 pounds of weight.
American Foxhound has smooth coat with hard texture. Its coat is usually combination of white, tan and black fur.
American Foxhound has dome-shaped, long head with big eyes and pendant-shaped, flat ears. It has elongated, lean body, long, straight legs and narrow, slightly upward-curved tail.
American Foxhound is faster and it has better sense of smell, agility and stamina compared with English and French Foxhound. It was initially used to detect native Americans, before it became popular companion of hunters.
American Foxhound is loyal, affectionate and gentle dog. It is suitable for families with children and other dogs because it was bred to be part of a pack. American Foxhound can also live with cats and rabbits, in case they were raised together.
American Foxhound is not suitable for life in the apartments and urban areas. It prefers houses with large backyards and plenty of space for running. If this is the only dog in the family, it should be kept inside the house, close to the family, to prevent loneliness.
American Foxhound requires plenty of exercise on a daily basis because of its highly energetic nature. It is an excellent companion for people who like to run or ride a bicycle.
American Foxhound is extremely dedicated, reliable and courageous during the hunt. However, some scents can easily distract it from the initial trail and it usually stubbornly follows them despite owner's commands.
American Foxhound is not aggressive by nature and it is not very good guard dog because it friendly welcomes strangers.
American Foxhound is famous for its melodious barking. Deep barking followed with high-pitched howls that can be heard miles away, is sometimes used for the songs.
American Foxhound is a state dog of Virginia.
American Foxhound sheds moderately. It should be groomed with a firm bristle brush once per week.
American Foxhound gives birth to 7 puppies on average.
American Foxhound is generally healthy breed, but it can suffer from thrombocytopathy. Its diet should be well-balanced because it easily gains weight.
American Foxhound has an average lifespan of 11 years.

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