Australian Shepherd Facts

Australian Shepherd Facts
Australian Shepherd, also known as "Aussie", belongs to the group of herding dogs. Despite its name, Australian Shepherd originates from the western parts of the USA. This breed was created at the beginning of the 19th century, with a goal to facilitate herding of cattle on the farms. Australian Shepherd is still used as working dog in many countries. Thanks to its energetic, intelligent and playful nature, it is also one of the most popular pets in the world today.
Interesting Australian Shepherd Facts:
Australian Shepherd can reach 18 to 23 inches in height and 40 to 60 pounds of weight.
Australian Shepherd has soft, thick fur that can be red, black or blue-colored. White and tan markings are often present on the face, legs and chest. Coat is medium-sized, straight or wavy. Females have long, mane-like fur around neck.
Black and blue varieties of Australian Shepherds have black nose, lips and eye rims, while red varieties of Australian Shepherds have reddish-brown nose, lips and eye rims.
Australian Shepherd is also known as "ghost-eye" dog, because many dogs of this breed have eyes of different color. Aside from two eyes of different color, each eye can be bi-colored, brown and blue at the same time. Unusual eyes are responsible for scary (ghost-like) appearance.
Australian Shepherd is one of the rare breeds that can be born with bobbed tail (naturally short tail). Some varieties of Australian Shepherd have long tail.
Australian Shepherd can easily escape from the fenced backyards due to ability to jump over 3 to 4 feet tall obstacles.
Australian Shepherd is loyal companion that is eager to please. It forms strong bonds with its family and often follows individual members during the day. Australian Shepherd is excellent watchdog that fearlessly protects its family.
Australian Shepherd is very good with children. It likes to play with them and protect them. Due to strong herding instinct, it may treat them as its "herd".
Australian Shepherd has great stamina and strong working ethics. It likes to run and perform various tasks (collect dirty laundry from the floor, for example).
Australian Shepherd is not suitable for inactive families and life in the apartments. It requires houses with large yards, which provide plenty of open space for running.
Australian Shepherd enjoys to compete and participate in manifestations that test agility, herding skills and obedience of dogs. It can be also used as guide dog, rescue dog, therapy dog, assistance dog and search dog.
Australian Shepherd sheds heavily two times per year (during the spring and autumn). It should be groomed at least once per week to prevent matting.
Australian Shepherd gives birth to 3 to 10 puppies (7 on average).
Australian Shepherd is healthy breed, but it can suffer from disorders of back, hip, eye and ear, as well as epilepsy.
Australian Shepherd has an average lifespan of 13 years.

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