Australian Terrier Facts

Australian Terrier Facts
Australian Terrier is a type of small dog that belongs to the group of terriers. As it name suggests, it originates from Australia. Australian Terrier is a descendant of Rough-Coated Terrier, type of British terrier that arrived to Australia together with early European settlers. Australian Terrier was created to survive in harsh conditions and to fearlessly fight against rodents, snakes and foxes that were common in gold mines and sheep stations. Australian Terrier was also used as shepherd, companion and watchdog. All these features are still highly prized among dog lovers. Aside as a working dog, Australian Terrier is also very popular as pet today.
Interesting Australian Terrier Facts:
Australian Terrier can reach 10 to 11 inches in height and 14 to 16 pounds of weight.
Australian Terrier has rough, shaggy, waterproof double coat that can be blue and tan, sandy or red-colored.
Australian Terrier has long head, erect, V-shaped ears, small, sturdy body, short legs and miniature tail (shortened after birth).
Despite its small size, Australian Terrier is well-known as courageous, independent, tenacious and hard-working dog.
Australian Terrier is an excellent watchdog. It easily detects strangers on its territory and uses loud barking to inform its owner about their presence.
Australian Terrier forms strong bonds with its family members and often mimics their feelings. If someone in the house is sad, Australian Terrier will be quiet and calm. If cheerful energy is predominant, Australian Terrier will be playful and excited.
Australian Terrier is packed with energy and ready to entertain its owners all day. It is especially good with children, elderly and disabled people.
Australian Terrier can be used as a therapy dog. Some studies showed that it can lower blood pressure, relieve tension and accelerate recovery of sick people.
Australian Terrier is very intelligent dog that can learn various things in short period of time. Best results can be achieved through challenging trainings that are filled with funny lessons and various rewards.
Australian Terrier is suitable for the life in apartments and houses with backyards. It likes to dig and it can easily destroy lawn and garden when it is left unsupervised.
Australian Terrier tolerates other dogs in the house, but it often acts bossy in front of them (even if they are much larger). It can learn to live with cats, but it cannot suppress urge to terrorize them. Rodents, squirrels and rabbits should be kept away from Australian Terrier due to strong instinct to hunt and kill all types of small animals.
Australian Terrier sheds minimally. It requires brushing on a weekly basis.
Australian Terrier usually gives birth to 4 puppies.
Australian Terrier is prone to patellar luxation, legg perthes, diabetes and allergies.
Australian Terrier has an average lifespan of 15 years.

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