Basset Hound Facts

Basset Hound Facts
Basset Hound is a type of hound that originates from France. It was created in the 16th century by French monks who wanted a dog that would be able to easily locate scent both of small and large animals, by keeping the body close to the ground. Basset Hound was introduced to England and America three centuries later. Thanks to its unusual appearance, Basset Hound can be seen in various movies, cartoons and advertisements today. Aside as hunting dog, it is popular and often kept as pet.
Interesting Basset Hound Facts:
Basset Hound can reach 11 to 15 inches in height and 50 to 65 pounds of weight.
Basset Hound has smooth, short coat that can be mix of black, tan and white, red and white or lemon and white color.
Name "Basset" is derived from French word "bas" which means "low". Name refers to the short stature of this breed. Basset Hound has deep muzzle and sad appearance due to loose skin on the face. It has very long ears, sausage-shaped body, short, stubby legs with massive paws and long, upright tail.
Basset Hound is descendant of Laconian Hound that was initially mixed with Bloodhound, and later with Artesian Normand.
Basset Hound has excellent sense of smell. It has very strong instinct to follow scents and it can easily wander off while tracking some interesting trails.
Basset Hound is popular among hunters that prefer to walk during the hunt (it cannot run very fast due to its short legs).
Basset Hound howls and barks a lot. Farmers and hunters in the southern parts of the USA were using fried cornball, called hush puppy, to silence their noisy Basset Hounds. This unusual habit served as an inspiration for creation of the famous brand of shoes "Hush Puppies". Basset Hound is still used as mascot for "Hush Puppies".
American president George Washington and Marilyn Monroe were proud owners of Basset Hound.
Basset Hound is loyal, gently, calm and friendly animal. It is suitable for families with children and other animals (it was bred to hunt in packs). Basset Hound likes to rest on the couch, but it requires regular exercises and daily walks to remain fit and healthy.
Basset Hound is lazy and stubborn and its training is always a challenge. However, properly trained Basset Hound shows excellent results in the competitions in agility and obedience.
Basset Hound is loud animal that produces melodious howling, moaning and wailing noise.
Basset Hound drools a lot and its coat sheds a lot. It requires regular bathing, grooming and cleaning of ears.
Basset Hound gives birth to 6 to 8 puppies on average.
Basset Hound easily gains weight and it can suffer from hip dysplasia, bloat, Von Willebrand Disease, glaucoma and ear infections.
Basset Hound has an average lifespan of 10 to 12 years.

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