Bolognese dog Facts

Bolognese dog Facts
Bolognese dog is small dog that belongs to the Bichon family. It was created in the Italian city Bologna (hence the name) at around 1200 to serve as companion of people. Bolognese dog was popular among ladies and Italian Aristocracy in the past. Despite its small size and pleasant personality, Bolognese dog is very rare breed today. It can be hardly seen even in the country of its origin.
Interesting Bolognese dog Facts:
Bolognese dog can reach 9 to 12.5 inches in height and 8 to 14 pounds of weight.
Bolognese dog has white, fluffy, woolly coat (it doesn't have an undercoat). Face is covered with short hair, while the rest of the body is covered with much longer fur.
Bolognese dog has ovoid skull, large, square-shaped, black muzzle, long ears, small, muscular body and curled tail.
Bolognese dog is more intelligent than other similar and closely related breeds such as Bichon Frise, Maltese and Havanese. It knows how to act with people to get what it wants.
Bolognese dog is calm, eager to please and always ready to learn new things. Thanks to all these features, it can be easily trained. Bolognese dog shows good results on the competitions in obedience and agility.
Bolognese dog is affectionate, devoted and friendly dog. It has plenty of energy and it enjoys to play with children (older age is preferred) and other dogs. Bolognese dog requires plenty of attention and it can suffer from separation anxiety when it is left alone for more than few hours.
Bolognese dog is suitable both for the apartments and for the small houses. It is good choice for people of various age (good companion both for young and old owners). Bolognese dog forms strong bonds with its owners and it often follows them from one room to another. It easily reads body language and facial expressions of the family members.
Bolognese dog likes to walk (it requires few short walks per day), but it also likes to rest on the couch.
Bolognese dog is an excellent watchdog thanks to its keen eyesight and fearless nature.
Despite its small size, Bolognese dog has deep voice and it barks whenever he sees or hears something unusual. This may cause problems with neighbors.
Bolognese dog is reserved and suspicious toward strangers.
Bolognese dog is suitable for people that are allergic to dog's hair because its fur sheds minimally. It needs to be brushed each day to prevent matting and tangling of fur.
Bolognese dog gives birth to 4 puppies on average.
Bolognese dog is generally healthy breed, but it can suffer from allergies, retinal atrophy and cataract.
Bolognese dog has an average lifespan of 12 to 14 years.

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