Border Collie Facts

Border Collie Facts
Border Collie is a working dog and descendant of landrace collies. It was created during the 19th century to chase and organize animals (especially sheep) on the farms. Border Collie is famous for its amazing intelligence and excellent herding skills that are portrayed in many TV series and movies. It is equally popular as a working dog and pet today.
Interesting Border Collie Facts:
Border Collie can reach 18 to 22 inches in height and 27 to 45 pounds of weight.
Border Collie has smooth or slightly rough fur that is usually black and white colored. It has double coat that can be pure white or red, or mix of white, light and dark brown, red and black color.
Border Collie has flat skull of moderate width, oval eyes, erect, semi-erect or drooping ears, elongated body and bushy tail of medium length.
Name "Collie" is derived from the old Celtic word "colley" which means "useful". Name refers to the newly-created type of small, agile shepherd that can perform various tasks (including herding of sheep) in the cold areas. Name "Border" refers to the origin of this breed: border of Scotland and England.
Border Collie is the most intelligent dog in the world. Training from an early age is advisable to prevent learning of unwanted things and development of bad habits.
The most intelligent Border Collie in the world is Chaser. She managed to learn names of her 1000 favorite toys with a help of psychology professor John Pilley. Striker is another famous Border Collie. He can open (non-electric) car window in just 11.34 seconds with a help of his paws and nose.
Border Collie is the best herding dog in the world. It is less vocal and less aggressive than other shepherds. Border Collie keeps its body close to the ground, in a cat-like, crouched position, and herds animals with great precision.
Border Collie also intensely stares at the eyes of the animals in the herd when it wants to force them to move in desired direction.
Border Collie is honest and loyal animal that likes to be surrounded with people and other dogs. It is suitable for houses with large backyards.
Border Collie requires plenty of exercise (both mental and physical) each day to prevent boredom and development of neurotic behavior.
Border Collie can be trained and used as search-and-rescue dog, to chase birds and animals from the airport runways and golf terrains and as a therapy dog.
Border Collie is an average shedder that needs to be brushed regularly to keep its coat clean and healthy.
Border Collie gives birth to up to 10 puppies.
Border Collie is healthy breed, but it can suffer from various types of cancer, hip dysplasia, eye disorders and epilepsy.
Border Collie has an average lifespan of 10 to 14 years.

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