Bullmastiff Facts

Bullmastiff Facts
Bullmastiff is large dog of molosser type that belongs to the group of Working Dogs. This strong and fast dog has been developed by gamekeepers in England in the 19th century (around 1860) to track and catch poachers. As its name suggests, Bullmastiff was created by mixing Bulldog with English Mastiff. Aside from protecting the wildlife, Bullmastiff was also used as a guard dog. Security offered by Bullmastiff is still one of the most important things that people have in mind when they decide to purchase this huge, but loving dog.
Interesting Bullmastiff Facts:
Bullmastiff can reach 24 to 27 inches in height and 100 to 130 pounds of weight.
Bullmastiff has short, dense fur that is suitable for cold, snowy and rainy weather. Most Bullmastiff have black facial mask and dark brindle, red or fawn-colored coat.
Bullmastiff has large head with short muzzle and wrinkled skin on the face, deep chest, massive body and long tail.
Bullmastiff is courageous, confident, independent and stubborn dog. It needs to be trained from the early age to assure desirable behavior in front of strangers and other animals. It responds well to the positive reinforcement methods and strong leadership skills of the owner.
Bullmastiff is good choice for families with older children and people that are not at home all the time. It tolerates long periods of loneliness if it gets proper amount of attention when its owners return home.
Bullmastiff is affectionate toward the family members, but reserved in front of the strangers.
Bullmastiff is an excellent guard dog that relies on its intimidating appearance and large size to repel unwanted visitors. It doesn't bark often and bites only when necessary.
Bullmastiff can be kept both in the large apartments and in the houses. It doesn't like to sleep in the backyard (it prefers to live close to its family). Bullmastiff can be aggressive toward other animals in the house (proper training can prevent this behavior).
Bullmastiff is moderately-active dog and it requires few short walks per day.
Bullmastiff can achieve good results on the competitions in agility, obedience and tracking.
Bullmastiff is often used as therapy dog.
Bullmastiff doesn't shed much, but it cannot be classified as clean dog because it drools a lot. Daily brushing is essential for the clean coat.
Bullmastiff gives birth from 4 to 13 puppies (8 on average). Puppies are very playful, rowdy and they like to jump a lot.
Bullmastiff is extremely flatulent and it doesn't tolerate very hot and humid weather (it is prone to heat stroke). It can also suffer from hip and elbow dysplasia, hypothyroidism and ocular and cardiac disorders.
Bullmastiff has an average lifespan of 8 to 10 years.

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