Dogo Argentino Facts

Dogo Argentino Facts
Dogo Argentino is large, mastiff-type of dog that belongs to the group of working dogs. It originates from Cordoba (part of Argentina) where it is created in 1928 by mixing 10 different breeds (such as Great Dane, Boxer, Spanish Mastiff, Bull Terrier, Pointer and Old English Bulldog). Dogo Argentino was created to hunt wild boars and pumas on the various terrains (from rough mountains and harsh plains to the areas around lakes). Besides for hunting, Dogo Argentino was also created to serve as a guard dog. Dogo Argentino is still primarily used as a working dog, but it is also very popular as a pet today.
Interesting Dogo Argentino Facts:
Dogo Argentino can reach 23.5 to 27 inches in height and 80 to 100 pounds of weight.
Dogo Argentino has short, smooth, pure white coat. Some dogs have dark patch close to the ear.
Dogo Argentino has broad skull, large head, athletic, muscular body and low-set tail.
Dogo Argentino is intelligent, powerful and stubborn dog. It is suitable for families with kids, but not for inexperienced owners. Dogo Argentino requires strong, firm and consistent owner that behaves like a true leader of the pack.
Dogo Argentino likes to spend time with its family. Thanks to great stamina and fearless nature, Dogo Argentino is ready to protect its family from all kind of threats and to fight for them until death.
Despite fearsome appearance, Dogo Argentino likes to cuddle.
Dogo Argentino is a hard-working breed. It needs to have plenty of duties each day to prevent boredom and development of destructive behavior.
Dogo Argentino has plenty of energy and it requires vigorous exercise each day. It can be an ideal partner for jogging. Dogo Argentino has sensitive skin and it should not spend too much time exposed to direct sunlight when temperature is very high.
Dogo Argentino has strong hunting instinct which cannot be easily controlled. It should be kept in the fenced yard to prevent attacks on the small dogs and cats from the neighborhood. Even though it rarely shows aggression toward humans, Dogo Argentino is banned in several countries because of the aggressive behavior toward other animals.
Dogo Argentino can achieve great results on the competitions in obedience, tracking and schutzhund.
Dogo Argentino is often used as military and police dog, search-and-rescue dog, guide dog and as a therapy dog.
Dogo Argentino drools a lot. Despite its short fur, it sheds a lot and needs to be brushed at least one time per week to eliminate dead hairs from the body.
Dogo Argentino gives birth from 4 to 8 puppies (6 on average).
Dogo Argentino can suffer from hypothyroidism, deafness, glaucoma and hip dysplasia.
Dogo Argentino has an average lifespan of 10 to 12 years.

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