English Mastiff Facts

English Mastiff Facts
English Mastiff is very large dog that belongs to the group of working dogs. It was created in England from an ancient (now extinct) dog breed known as Molossus. English Mastiff arrived to the USA on the Mayflower (ship that brought first English settlers to the North America). Until 1835, English Mastiff was used for fighting (with bulls and bears). When fighting of animals became illegal, English Mastiff was "transformed" into gentle house pet. English Mastiff is 26th most popular dog in the USA.
Interesting English Mastiff Facts:
English Mastiff can reach 27.5 to 30 inches in height and 140 to 220 pounds of weight.
English Mastiff named Zorba weighed 343 pounds of weight. This is the heaviest ever recorded dog that holds the record in the Guinness Book of World Records.
English Mastiff has short, sleek coat that can be light-yellowish brown, light reddish-brown or brindle (light yellowish-brown mottled with black).
English Mastiff has enormous head and broad, heavy body.
English Mastiff is very expensive pet because it eats a lot. That's why popularity of this breed rapidly declined during the WWI and WWII (when food became scarce).
English Mastiff is gentle, calm, loyal and docile dog. It is an excellent choice for families with children and other pets. English Mastiff does not like fighting between family members. In the case of fight, it will try to separate two fighting sides and end their dispute.
English Mastiff is stubborn and sensitive by nature and it cannot be easily trained. It responds well to affection and positive reinforcement.
English Mastiff can be kept in the apartments, but it is more suitable for the houses, especially in the rural areas. Even when there is a backyard, English Mastiff prefers to live inside the house, together with its family.
English Mastiff drools a lot (saliva flies all over the house when it shakes head) and it likes to chew things, especially those that smell good or look interesting.
English Mastiff requires regular daily exercise (20 to 30 minutes of walk per day) to stay healthy and fit. It should not spend too much time outside when the weather is very hot to prevent overheating.
English Mastiff is an excellent guard dogs. It has big and scary look and it barks loudly when it detects stranger at the doors. If someone tries to enter the house uninvited, English Mastiff will sit on the intruder to prevent its further movement.
English Mastiff belongs to the group of moderate shedders. It should be brushed once or twice per week.
English Mastiff gives birth to 10 to 12 puppies (up to 24 in the rare occasions).
English Mastiff can suffer from hip dysplasia, cardiac and eye disorders and different types of cancer.
English Mastiff has an average lifespan of 6 to 10 years.

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