Greenland Dog Facts

Greenland Dog Facts
Greenland Dog, also known as Greenland Husky, is a type of Spitz that belongs to the northern group of working dogs. It is a descendant of dogs that arrived to the Greenland together with Inuit people 4000 to 5000 years ago. Greenland Dog looks like the slightly lighter, but taller version of Canadian Eskimo Dog. Greenland Dog is very rare breed today. It is still mostly kept as a working dog and occasionally as a house pet.
Interesting Greenland Dog Facts:
Greenland Dog can reach 22 to 25 inches in height and 66 to 70 pounds of weight.
Greenland Dog has dense double coat of medium length in different combinations of black, brown, grey, creamy and white colors.
Thanks to its thick fur, Greenland Dog can easily survive on the temperatures of -45 to -60 degrees of Celsius.
Greenland Dog has broad, wedge-shaped head, small, triangular ears, short, powerful neck, strong, compact body and large, muscular legs that end with large furry pads.
Greenland Dog has large, bushy tail which is curled over the back when dog stands and positioned over the nose when it sleeps.
Greenland Dog is aloof, boisterous and independent by nature. It rarely builds strong bond with its owner when it is kept as a working dog in large packs.
Greenland Dog is direct descendant of wolf, with plenty of instincts and characteristics that are typical for its wild ancestor. Learning of basic skills requires firm, consistent training and plenty of patience and time. Greenland Dog is not recommended for inexperienced owner. It requires strong, dominant owner which acts like the leader of the pack.
Greenland Dog has strong working ethic and it requires plenty of different tasks and duties each day to satiate desire to work.
Greenland Dog is not suitable for the apartments. It should be kept in the houses with large backyards where it can freely roam and eliminate at least some of its energy. Greenland Dog requires regular daily walks to stay healthy and fit. It should always walk behind or next to its owner, because its position reflects current status in the group (leader of the group is always in front of the others).
Greenland Dog is famous for its hardiness, enormous strength and endurance. Eskimos often use Greenland Dogs for pulling sleds and hunting of polar bears, walruses and seals.
Greenland Dog is popular as a hiking companion in the Norway and Sweden today.
Greenland Dog doesn't shed much and doesn't require extensive grooming. Occasional brushing is more than enough for this breed.
Greenland Dog gives birth to 6 puppies on average.
Greenland Dog is generally very healthy breed. It can suffer from hip and elbow dysplasia, glaucoma and gastric torsion.
Greenland Dog has an average lifespan of 10 to 14 years.

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