Jack Russell Facts

Jack Russell Facts
Jack Russell is small dog that belongs to the family of terriers. It was created in England at the beginning of the 19th century. Jack Russell is a descendant of now extinct British White Terrier. It was created to facilitate hunting of red and grey foxes. Thanks to its small size, Jack Russell was able to easily enter underground dens and push foxes outside (toward the hunters). Despite excellent hunting skills, Jack Russell is mostly kept as a companion dog today.
Interesting Jack Russell Facts:
Jack Russell can reach 10 to 15 inches in height and 14 to 18 pounds of weight.
Jack Russell has white coat with tan and black markings. Coat can be short (smooth variety), long (rough variety) or broken (combination of short and long fur).
Jack Russell has almond-shaped eyes, small, V-shaped ears and small, compact body.
Jack Russell is very active (often hyperactive) dog. It likes to play with the ball, to dig and explore. Proper training from an early age is very important, to learn to respect the boundaries placed by its owners.
Jack Russell requires lots of space for running. It is more suitable for the houses with backyards than for the apartments.
Jack Russell requires plenty of exercise and mental stimulations each day to prevent development of boredom and destructive behavior. Jack Russell can be excellent partner for running and jogging. It requires at least two long walks per day.
Jack Russell needs to be properly socialized from an early age to prevent aggressive behavior toward other animals and strangers. It is suitable for families with older children because it does not tolerate abusive games typical for small kids.
Jack Russell is prone to sunburns because of its sensitive skin and thin, light-colored fur. It should not spend too much time exposed to direct sunlight during the very hot days.
Jack Russell should be kept away from cats, rabbits and other small animals.
Jack Russell is famous for its speed, agility and ability to jump very high (5 times its own height). It accomplishes excellent results at the competitions in agility and flyball.
Jack Russell can be seen in many movies and TV series because of its cute appearance and charming personality.
Jack Russell belongs to the group of moderate shedders. Weekly brushing is more than enough for this breed.
Jack Russell gives birth to 4 to 8 puppies (6 on average).
Jack Russell is generally healthy breed but it can suffer from cataract, eye disorders, deafness and patellar luxation. Due to strong instinct to hunt various small animals, it can get in contact with skunk and eventually end up with skunk toxic shock syndrome (after contact with skunk's liquid). Typical symptoms of this syndrome are haemolysis of blood cells, kidney failure and chemical burning of cornea and they all require immediate medical attention.
Jack Russell has an average lifespan of 13 to 16 years.

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