Labradoodle Facts

Labradoodle Facts
Labradoodle is a type of designer (hybrid) dog that belongs to the group of service dogs. It was created in 1988 in Australia, by mixing Labrador Retriever with Poodle. Goal of this unusual combination of dog breeds was to create a dog that will be able to assist people that are allergic to dog's hair. Labradoodle soon became extremely popular both as a service dog, and as a house pet. Despite great popularity and increased demand for this type of dog, Labradoodle still doesn't have status of "true breed".
Interesting Labradoodle Facts:
Labradoodle can be miniature, medium or standard in size. It can reach 14 to 24 inches in height and 25 to 65 pounds of weight.
Labradoodle can be covered with: hair (wiry coat), wool (curly coat) or fleece-like, soft and wavy coat. Fur can be yellowish-brown, gold, reddish, black, brown-colored or brindle.
Labradoodle has heavier body and more muscular forelimbs than Poodle and more narrow muzzle than Labrador.
Labradoodle is mostly used to guide blind people. Aside from that, it is also frequently used as therapy dog.
Labradoodle is intuitive, social and affectionate dog. It is very intelligent and able to quickly learn many things because of its natural impulse to please the owner. Labradoodle is suitable for the first-time owner.
Labradoodle is excellent choice for families with children and other pets. It likes to play and spend time with members of its family.
Labradoodle should be kept in the houses with fenced yards. It requires 30 to 60 minutes of exercise per day. Labradoodle is excellent swimmer and it likes to swim whenever possible.
Labradoodle is not very good as a guard dog because of its friendly nature.
Unlike in pure breeds of dogs, characteristics (personal and morphological traits) of Labradoodle are still unpredictable and non-standardized. Type of coat and personality of Labradoodle differ from dog to dog. Labradoodle can be smart, reserved and quiet as poodle, or noisy and immature like Labrador.
Labradoodle has amazing tracking skills. One Labradoodle recently proved that it can travel two counties to find its way home. It skipped 6-feet-tall fence and traveled 12 miles to find its owner.
Jennifer Aniston, Tiger Woods and Norwegian Prince and Princess are proud owners of Labradoodle.
Labradoodle with fleece-like fur is odorless and it sheds minimally, but its coat has tendency to tangle and mat. Labradoodle with hairy fur sheds the most and it requires one or two brushing per week, like many other types of medium shedders.
Labradoodle gives birth to 4 to 15 puppies (8 on average).
Labradoodle is generally healthy breed, but it can suffer from ear infections, hip and elbow dysplasia, epilepsy and allergies.
Labradoodle has an average lifespan of 12 to 14 years.

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