Miniature Schnauzer Facts

Miniature Schnauzer Facts
Miniature Schnauzer is small dog that belongs to the group of terriers. It was created during the 19th century in Germany by mixing standard Schnauzer with Poodle and Affenpinscher. Newly created breed was more suitable for digging of burrows and elimination of rats from the farms than its larger cousin. Despite excellent ratting skills, Miniature Schnauzer is mostly kept as a companion and as a show dog today. It is currently listed as one of the 20 most popular dog breeds in the USA.
Interesting Miniature Schnauzer Facts:
Miniature Schnauzer can reach 12 to 14 inches in height and 11 to 20 pounds of weight.
Miniature Schnauzer has thick, wiry double coat that can be solid black (or rarely pure white), or black in combination with white or silver. Unusual texture of the coat prevents accumulation of debris.
Miniature Schnauzer sheds minimally and it is classified as hypoallergenic breed, which makes it suitable for the people with mild allergies and asthma.
Miniature Schnauzer has square-shaped snout covered with thick facial hair, folded ears (that are usually cropped), robust body, sturdy legs with small, rounded paws and short (docked) tail.
Long beard and bushy eyebrows on the face of Miniature Schnauzer serve as natural shield from the aggressive prey (such as rats).
Name "Schnauzer" means "muzzle" in German and it refers to the prominent muzzle that is trademark of this breed.
Miniature Schnauzer has excellent sense of hearing and ability to detect frequencies that are two times higher than those that human ear can hear.
Miniature Schnauzer is happy, friendly, affectionate, intelligent and stubborn dog. It is good choice for families with kids and other dogs (but not with small animals). Miniature Schnauzer is not aggressive toward other dogs, but it will not hesitate to fight with much bigger dogs when it is provoked.
Miniature Schnauzer is suitable both for the life in the apartments and in the houses with backyards. It requires regular daily exercise (of at least 45 minutes) to stay healthy.
Miniature Schnauzer is vocal dog that barks when it is happy, sad or bored (proper training can reduce this loud habit to the minimum).
Team made of Miniature Schnauzer and German Shepherd is sometimes used for guarding of livestock. Miniature Schnauzer loudly announces predators, while German Shepherd protects the herd.
Miniature Schnauzer doesn't shed much but it needs to be brushed 3 to 4 times per week to prevent formation of mats. Coat should be trimmed every 5 to 8 weeks.
Miniature Schnauzer gives birth to 3 to 8 puppies (5 on average). They reach maturity at the age of one year.
Miniature Schnauzer is prone to ocular disorders, urinary stones and skeletomuscular disorders.
Miniature Schnauzer has an average lifespan of 12 to 14 years.

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