Samoyed Facts

Samoyed Facts
Samoyed, also known by the nicknames Sammy and Smiley, belongs to the Spitz family and group of Working Dogs. Samoyed is one of the oldest dog breeds. It was created thousands of years ago by indigenous people of Siberia called Samoyeds. Samoyed was used to pull the sleds, herd the reindeer, keep its owners warm during the night and to facilitate hunting. Despite its long history, Samoyed was brought to Europe and America a little more than 100 years ago. This beautiful, fluffy dog is mostly kept as a house pet and as a show dog today.
Interesting Samoyed Facts:
Samoyed can reach 19 to 24 inches in height and 50 to 60 pounds of weight.
Samoyed has lush, dense double coat that can be pure white, white with silver tips, creamy, biscuit or yellow-colored. Thanks to the frequent cat-like self-grooming, fur of Samoyed is always clean.
Samoyed has pointed muzzle, almond-shaped, brown or black-colored eyes, triangular, erect, furry ears, compact, muscular body and long tail curled over the back.
Samoyed is known for its happy, smiling expression of the face, also known as "Sammy smile", which is result of upturned corners of the mouth.
Samoyed is intelligent, strong-willed dog that is not suitable for inexperienced owners. It has strong hunting instinct and desire to chase small animals (and herd little children).
Samoyed is affectionate, gentle, good-natured and calm dog. It is good choice for families with older children. Samoyed enjoys to spend time with its family, but it usually forms strong bond with only one person. Samoyed is social dog and it doesn't tolerate loneliness very well (lonely Samoyed is usually depressed).
Samoyed should be kept in the house with large, fenced backyard which provides plenty of space for running and exploring.
Courses of agility and tracking can mentally stimulate Samoyed and prevent development of destructive and unwanted behavior (such as chewing of shoes).
Samoyed was frequently used to accompany adventurers on their way to the South Pole in the past.
Samoyed is vocal dog that frequently barks and howls.
Samoyed sheds a lot and it requires daily brushing and combing to prevent tangling and matting of fur. Despite its long and dense coat, Samoyed doesn't have typical canine odor (even when it is completely wet).
Samoyedic people have used discarded fur for the manufacture of yarn and various clothing items. Samoyed's fur is still used as an alternative for wool today.
Samoyed gives birth to 4 to 6 puppies on average.
Samoyed is prone to glaucoma, hip dysplasia, diabetes, cancer and kidney disease. It doesn't tolerate extremely high temperatures well and can experience heat stroke during the summer (it should spend warmest part of a day inside the house).
Samoyed has an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years.

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