Welsh Corgi Facts

Welsh Corgi Facts
Welsh Corgi is an ancient breed that belongs to the Spitz family and group of the Herding Dogs. There are few theories about the origin of Welsh Corgi. It was either created from Swedish cattle dogs that Vikings brought to Wales in the 9th and 10th century, or it is a descendant of dogs that Flemish weavers brought to Wales during the 12th century. Even though they do not look alike, Welsh Corgi and Siberian Husky are close relatives. Welsh Corgi is the smallest herding dog in the world. It can organize and guide cattle, sheep and horses with ease by nipping these large animals for the ankles. Despite its excellent herding skills, Welsh Corgi is mostly kept as a family pet today. It the 50th most popular breed in the USA.
Interesting Welsh Corgi Facts:
Welsh Corgi can reach 10 to 12 inches in height and up to 30 pounds of weight.
Welsh Corgi has thick double coat that can be sable, merle, fawn or tricolored: red, black and tan. Muzzle, chest, neck, legs and belly are covered with white markings.
Welsh Corgi has fox-shaped head with pointed muzzle, oval-shaped eyes and large, erect ears. It has stocky body and short legs.
There are two types of Welsh Corgi: Pembroke and Cardigan. They were classified as separate breeds during the 1930s. Pembroke and Cardigan Welsh Corgi differ in body size, tail length and shape of ears. Pembroke doesn't have a tail and its ears are pointed, while Cardigan has well-developed, long tail and rounded ears and it is slightly larger in size.
Corgi means dwarf dog ("cor" = "dwarf" and "gi" = "dog" in Welsh).
Welsh Corgi is very fast dog despite its small, stocky body.
Welsh Corgi is intelligent dog that can quickly learn various commands. It responds well to positive reinforcement methods (food especially).
Welsh Corgi is happy, loving dog suitable for families with children and other pets. Due to strong herding instinct, it may try to herd smaller children.
Welsh Corgi is suitable for the life in the apartments. It requires plenty of exercise each day to ensure good health and stay fit.
Welsh Corgi barks as soon as it detects something suspicious and unusual. That's why it an excellent watchdog.
Welsh Corgi is part of English royal family during the past 70 years. Queen Elizabeth II is a great fan of this breed. She currently owns 2 corgis.
Welsh Corgi sheds heavily two times per year and it should be brushed each day during the spring and autumn.
Welsh Corgi gives birth to 6 to 7 puppies on average.
Welsh Corgi easily gains weight (its meals should be well-planned). It is prone to hip dysplasia, cataract, epilepsy and ocular disorders.
Welsh Corgi has an average lifespan of 12 to 14 years.

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