Nuclear Energy Facts

Nuclear Energy Facts
Nuclear energy refers to the process of using nuclear processes in order to generate heat or electricity. Most of these nuclear processes are performed using the rare earth elements. During the production of nuclear energy the nuclei of atoms either join together (fusion) or break apart (fission).
Interesting Nuclear Energy Facts:
There are roughly 430 nuclear power plants worldwide.
There have been three major nuclear power plant disasters which occurred in 1979, 1986, and 2011.
The nuclear accident which occurred in 1979 took 14 years to clean up.
The United States produces more nuclear energy than any other country.
Since the nuclear disaster of 2011, many nuclear power plants have shut down operation due to safety concerns.
Radiation and nuclear medicines are used to cure and treat many diseases.
Uranium is a rare earth metal that is commonly used for nuclear energy production.
A nuclear winter is a hypothetical situation in which the sunlight would be blocked causing extremely cold weather if too many nuclear weapons were used.
The nuclear disaster of 2011 has caused many countries to shut down all of their nuclear power plants by as early as the year 2025.
If a person is ever exposed to radiation during a nuclear disaster, the first thing they should do is remove their clothing because 90% of the radiation will be located there.
Africa is the first country in the world to destroy all of its nuclear weapons voluntarily.
Nuclear energy itself is not dangerous but the way in which it is generated gives off harmful waste products.
Although there have been three major nuclear power plant accidents, they are said to actually be quite safe places.
Fourteen percent of the world's electricity is generated by nuclear energy.
Scientists who study the interactions of atoms' nuclei are called nuclear physicists.

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