Wind Power Facts

Wind Power Facts
Wind power is created by extracting energy from the wind, for use to power everything from our homes to businesses and off-grid locations. Wind power can create substantial energy to replace the non-renewable fossil fuel energy sources that create pollution and destroy the landscape and atmosphere. There are different methods to harvest wind power such as through the use of windmills, turbines, and sails. The wind farms that are being built and expanded today use wind turbines to harvest the wind's energy, which is then connected to an electric power network. It is less expensive to build onshore wind farms but many people would rather they were built offshore so that they would not be seen.
Interesting Wind Power Facts:
Wind power has been used since 2000 BC when it was harvested through windmills in China and Persia.
Farmers often used windmills to pump water which would allow them to grind grain into flour.
Sailors have used wind power for centuries to power their sails and allow them to cross oceans and lakes.
In order to use wind to create electricity it must be harnessed. The growing method around the world to harvest wind for energy is through wind turbines. These wind turbines are as high as 20 stories and have three, 60-meter-long blades. As the wind blows the giant blades they transfer motion which is converted by a generator into power.
The blades of a wind turbine can reach speeds of more than 200 miles per hour at their tips.
One wind turbine can harvest enough energy to power 600 homes in the United States.
Some people place smaller wind turbines in their backyards and are able to provide power for their homes. This is called going 'off grid' because the home no longer requires a hydro or power company for their electricity.
Wind energy is a clean power source. The pollution is so minimal that is considered a clean source of renewable energy.
The use of wind power is growing so quickly that it is estimated that by 2050 wind power will account for 1/3rd of the energy produced on the earth.
It takes water to produce electricity and it is estimated that by 2030 more than 30 trillion bottles of water will have been saved by the use of wind power.
In July 1887 Professor James Blyth of Scotland built the first windmill that was used to create electricity. He was successful but nobody took his invention seriously.
In late 1887, early 1888 American Charles Brush built a windmill that he used until 1900.
In 1940 the first modern wind turbine was constructed in Vermont, U.S.
There are approximately 8,000 different components required to make a wind turbine.
Countries with large onshore wind farms include China, India, United States, Romania, and the United Kingdom, but many other countries are building them as well.
Countries with large offshore wind farms include Denmark, Germany, and the U.K.
Some people complain about the noise or say that wind turbines make them sick but this is debatable. When compared with the dangers and health concerns of fossil fuels it doesn't make sense. It is also healthier for the earth.

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