Cinderella Facts

Cinderella Facts
Cinderella is the character in a folk tale that tells the story of a young woman living in oppression, who suddenly able to experience good fortune. Walt Disney's Cinderella is only one version of the story. Cinderella started as the story of a Greek slave girl who marries an Egyptian King and becomes the Queen of Egypt. This story was called Rhodopis, published in 7 BC. China has a version dating back to 860, and the oldest version in Europe is from Italy (1634). Different versions of Cinderella have different villains, number of balls, item used to identify Cinderella (slipper, ring, bracelet etc...), and conclusion.
Interesting Cinderella Facts:
There are estimated to be between 345 and 1500 Cinderella versions in circulation.
The Disney version of Cinderella is based upon the 17th century tale Cendrillon written by Charles Perrault.
In most versions of Cinderella, even those dating back to the takes beginnings, the heroine Cinderella is oppressed by her stepmother and only escapes through marriage.
Cinderella was given her name because she was always covered in cinders from the fireplace. Her mean family gave her the name.
In the first Chinese version of the Cinderella story, Yen-Shen, the stepmother and stepsister are both crushed under stones, and Yen-Shen marries the King.
The Brothers Grimm version of Cinderella is very morbid. The stepsisters go so far as to cut off a toe and heel to fit the shoe, but the prince realizes they are not Cinderella because of the blood. At the wedding of the prince and Cinderella birds pluck out the stepsister's eyes.
Disney's animated Cinderella, released in 1950, included several additional characters beyond Cinderella, the step-mother, step-sisters, and the prince. New characters included Jaq and Gus (mice), Bruno (dog), Lucifer (cat), and the bluebirds.
Cinderella has been told under a variety of different names including Cendrillon (1749), La Cenerentola (1817), Cinderella (1901), La Cenicienta (1966), and Soluschka (1945).
Several hundred films have been made about Cinderella's tale. The first film version was Cendrillon, released in 1899 by Georges Melies.
There are several silent film versions of Cinderella, including the 1914 version starring Mary Pickford.
Disney released an animated Laugh-O-Gram (short cartoons) of Cinderella in 1922, which was 7.5 minutes in length.
Walt Disney released the famous animated Cinderella in 1950. It is considered to be a Disney Classic and is one of the most popular film adaptations of the tale.
Rogers and Hammerstein produced a major musical adaptation in 1957, starring Julie Andrews (also the star of The Sound of Music).
Cinderella has been portrayed in operas and ballet, theatre, literature, film, musicals, television, and in several songs.
In many Cinderella versions, Cinderella's mother dies, and her father remarries. The stepmother and stepsisters are cruel to Cinderella. She manages to go the ball and meet the prince, but loses a glass slipper trying to get home. The prince searches for the girl who fits the shoe. When he finds her they get married and live happily ever after.
Many versions of Cinderella incorporate a fairy godmother who works her magic to get Cinderella to the ball.
Cinderella stories always end happily.

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