Hello Kitty Facts

Hello Kitty Facts
Hello Kitty is a fictional, white bobtail cat-style character created by Yuko Shimizu and produced by the Japanese company Sanrio. Hello Kitty's full name is Kitty White, and she was created in 1974, with the simple word 'Hello!' on the first of her products. By 2014 Hello Kitty had become worth $7 billion a year worldwide. Originally the character had been known as 'the white cat with no name'. Her character was born in London suburbs on November 1st and she is five apples tall and weighs three apples. Hello Kitty is portrayed as a girl and not a cat, and she has a twin sister Mimmy.
Interesting Hello Kitty Facts:
Hello Kitty's parents are named George and Mary. Her grandfather is Anthony and her grandmother is Margaret.
There has been a lot of speculation that Hello Kitty is not actually a cat. But creators say she is a girl in the image of a cat. The confusion has not yet been cleared up completely.
Hello Kitty was born in London, but her character was created in Japan, by a company named Sanrio.
There is a Hello Kitty theme park located in China but it did not do well when it opened.
Hello Kitty cafes have opened in Australia and in South Korea and rumor states another one will open in Orange County in California.
Scattered around the world are at least 10 Hello Kitty time capsules and are set to be made into a Hello Kitty sculpture to be displayed at the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020.
There are a few jets with Taiwan's EVA Air designed inside and out with Hello Kitty d├ęcor.
Hello Kitty is a foreign dignitary and tourism ambassador to Japan in Hong Kong and China.
Hello Kitty is not an expensive brand to advertise. The company does not spend a lot on advertising.
In 2014, at a cost of $40 million, a Japanese satellite took a Hello Kitty figurine into space.
Hello Kitty has her own pet kitten named Charmmy Kitty.
Hello Kitty is a very popular character in Japan since her launch over 40 years ago, but in 2002 she lost her top spot in terms of gross income. By 2011 she was number four behind Anpanman, Pikachu, and even Mickey Mouse.
A character named Miffy, created by Dick Bruna that has appeared in children's books since 1955, is so similar to Hello Kitty in design that Dick Bruna has called her a rip off of his character.
In Thailand some cops are forced to wear Hello Kitty armbands for several days as punishment for minor offences on the job.
The original creator of Hello Kitty said that Hello Kitty has no mouth because she couldn't design one that she was happy with. The current designer says there is no mouth because Hello Kitty speaks from her heart. It has also been said that her expressionless face allows people to project their own emotions onto her face.
Hello Kitty is more than just figures. She appears in cartoons, comics, video games, music, and is set to be in a feature film in 2019.

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