Superman Facts

Superman Facts
Superman is a fictional character first popularized in 1938 when he appeared in Action Comics #1. Superman was created by the writer Jerry Siegel and the artist Joe Shuster. Superman was originally a character in a short story written by Jerry Siegel in high school, but the character was a vagrant who used a drug that gave him superhero powers, and he later became a vagrant again because of his shame. Jerry Siegel reworked the character into a heroic one for his next story. In this story he created Clark Kent/Superman and Louis Lane. The new story was titled The Superman, and together with Joe Shuster, Jerry Siegel completed the illustrated comic and eventually found a publisher. Superman became one of the most famous superheroes of all time.
Interesting Superman Facts:
Jerry and Joe first sent The Superman to Humor Publishing in Chicago, but it was rejected by them and several other publishers. Jerry Siegel sought out a new artist, but eventually Jerry and Joe reconciled and Superman was bought by Detective Comics.
Superman's character wears a blue costume and a red cape, with an S shield in red and yellow on his chest.
Superman was born on the planet Krypton, and his name was Kal-El. He was sent to earth on a rocket by his father, only moments before the planet was destroyed.
Superman was found by a farmer Jonathan Kent and his wife Martha in Smallville, Kansas and raised as their own child, named Clark Kent.
As a growing child Clark learned of his special strength and powers and vowed to use them only for good.
Clark Kent grew up to be a journalist working for the Daily Planet in Metropolis, where he met his love interest Lois Lane.
Superman's archenemy is Lex Luthor, a super villain.
Superman can be hurt, and even killed by a green space rock called Kryptonite. It makes him very weak and vulnerable. He is also susceptible to red sun radiation, nuke bombs, and supersonic sound waves.
The first published comic of Superman was released in 1938, in Action Comics #1.
For many years Superman's slogan was "Truth, justice, and the American way."
After World War II ended, an activist named Stetson Kennedy worked with a radio show to produce a Superman story that involved battling the Klu Klux Clan. It worked in exposing the KKK for what it truly was. The story was called "Clan of the Fiery Cross."
Superman has been a character in comics, books, movies, radio shows, television series, songs, and video games.
In film, Superman has been played by George Reeves, Christopher Reeve, Brandon Routh, and Henry Cavill.
Several men who have played Superman have been supposed 'victims' of the 'Superman Curse'. These actors include Kirk Alyn, Bud Collyer, Lee Quigley, George Reeves, and Christopher Reeve.
The original writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster sold the rights for a very small amount of money in 1938. Following the success of the character they attempted to regain some of their rights they both died with only a $20,000US pension from Warner Communications.

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