Bacon Facts

Bacon Facts
Bacon is a type of cured pork. The word 'bacon' is derived from the Old German word 'bacho' which means 'side of bacon' or 'buttock'. Some other meats such as beef, chicken, and turkey can be prepared to resemble pork bacon, but real bacon is from pork, or pigs. Bacon is cured in salt, and cooked before eating. Frying is the most common cooking method used. Some smoked bacon can be eaten without cooking but most people fry it to create the typical bacon crunch. There are different types of bacon depending on where the meat was cut from on the pig.
Interesting Bacon Facts:
September 3rd is considered to be International Bacon Day.
1.7 billion pounds of bacon are consumed in food service alone each year in the United States.
In 1920 a man named John Fargginay created bacon cologne.
The Chinese were salting pork bellies as far back as 1500 BC.
In Canada, fully cooked smoked pork loin is referred to as Canadian bacon.
On average, a person eats bacon at breakfast 12 times every year.
23 pounds of bacon can be cut from a pig that weighs 250 pounds.
Elvis Presley loved bacon. He enjoyed a snack called Fool's Gold Loaf, which was a loaf of Italian bread filled with peanut butter, jam, and a pound of bacon.
Of all the meat served at breakfast, bacon accounts for roughly half.
Side bacon is cut from pork belly. It is fatty and the most commonly consumed bacon in the United States.
Back bacon comes from the pork loin and is lean. It is the most commonly consumed bacon in Ireland and the United Kingdom.
Collar bacon is cut from near the back of the pig's head.
Cottage bacon is cut from the shoulder and is oval. This is cured and sliced into a round shape and fried.
Jowl bacon is cut from the cheeks of the pig and cured and smoked.
The BLT (bacon, lettuce, and tomato) sandwich became popular when World War II ended and produce was available year round.
Bacon has been used as a flavoring in alcoholic beverages such as in Caesars, bourbon, and beer.
It is believed that the micronutrient choline, which is found in pork, may help to boost a baby's intelligence if the mother consumes it while she is pregnant.
Oscar Mayer patented the first sliced bacon in 1924.
The biggest markets for bacon in the United States are New York, Los Angeles, San Antonio, Baltimore, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Houston.
The country that consumes the most pork in the world is Denmark.
It is estimated that the average person in the United States eats approximately 17.9 pounds of bacon each year.
Bacon can have different flavorings added including maple, molasses, honey, brown sugar, hickory, mesquite, and applewood.
Bacon is included in a variety of dishes including sandwiches, hamburgers, pizza, hot dogs, soups, salads, bacon-wrapped foods, and as bacon and eggs.
Odd bacon dishes include chocolate covered bacon, bacon explosion, and bacon jam and bacon marmalade.

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