Beef Facts

Beef Facts
Beef is the name given to meat that comes from cattle, including cows, steers, heifers, calves, or bulls. It is classified according to where is taken from the animal. Beef can be cut into steak, roasts, ribs, or ground into burger. When an animal is processed as beef, it is estimated that 98% is used, leaving little waste. While only 45% is useful for beef, the rest is used for a variety of products including leather, glue, soap, gelatin, insulin, and pharmaceutical drugs. It is estimated that every adult American consumes at least 65 pounds of beef every single year.
Interesting Beef Facts:
Cattle are descendants of the aurochs, a wild animal that originated in India and then was spread around the world.
Aurochs became domesticated in Europe approximately 10,000 years ago.
Pigs, sheep, dogs, and goats were domesticated before the aurochs.
Aurochs can be seen in cave paintings in France.
A cow is an adult female that has given birth to at least one calf.
A bull is a male animal.
A steer is a male animal that has been fixed so that it cannot mate.
A heifer is a female that has not yet had a calf.
Calves that are raised to be between 475 pounds and 500 pounds are called veal.
Prior to being raised for mostly meat and byproducts, cattle were raised for labor as well.
Cattle are raised around the world, often in areas that are not suitable for farming because of the landscape.
Common beef steaks include filet mignon, sirloin steak, rump steak, and rib eye steak.
There are special designations for beef including Certified Angus Beef, Certified Hereford Beef, Grass-fed Beef, Kobe Beef, Kosher beef, and Organic Beef.
In the United States beef can graded according to quality, as U.S. Prime, U.S. Choice, U.S. Select, U.S. Standard, U.S. Commercial, U.S. Utility, U.S. Cutter, and U.S. Canner.
Beef can be cooked in a variety of ways including grilling, barbecuing, broiling, griddling, roasting, frying, dehydrated, braised, stewed, sous-vide, smoked, cured, or corned.
Beef is sometimes consumed in its raw form, called steak tartare, which is a French dish, or filet americain, a Belgian dish, or kibbeh nayyeh, which is a Lebanese dish.
Beef can be processed into pastrami, beef jerky, biltong, bresaola, or spiced beef.
The Hindu religion considers the killing of cattle or the consumption of beef to be a sin. They place high importance on the cow for its milk.
The consumption of red meat has been linked to health concerns including cancer, cardiovascular disease, coronary artery disease, and mad cow disease.
There are often beef product recalls due to contamination of E. Coli. This contamination and infection in humans can be deadly.
Cattle have one stomach with four compartments. This makes it possible for them to consume and digest grasses.
There is approximately 25 billion pounds of beef produced each year by the farming of cattle.
Beef is the third most popular meat consumed by humans around the world, following pork, and poultry.
Cattle farms are believed to be contributing to greenhouse gasses and to be negatively affecting the world's environment.

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