Chocolate Facts

Chocolate Facts
Chocolate is a food made from cacao beans that have been roasted and ground, and made more edible by adding sweeteners such as vanilla and sugar. Chocolate has existed since as far back as 1900 BC when it was made into a beverage by the Mesoamerican people. In order for the cacao beans to become chocolate, they are fermented, dried, cleaned, and then roasted. Once the shell is removed a cacao nib remains, which is ground into a mass and can then be processed into cocoa butter and cocoa solids. Sweetened chocolate is the most common form of chocolate consumed today, made from cocoa solids, fat (often cocoa butter), and sugar. It is a favourite treat for many people around the world.
Interesting Chocolate Facts:
The first chocolate bar was made by the English chocolate company Cadbury, in 1842.
Most of the cacao today is grown in Africa, although it originated in South and Central America longer than 4000 years ago.
In Latin the cacao tree is known as 'Theobroma Cacao' which means 'food of the gods'.
In 2010 the worldwide chocolate market was worth approximately $83.2 billion. It is estimated that in 2016 it will have grown to $98.3 billion.
There are approximately 50 million people around the world relying on the chocolate industry for their livelihood.
Although it can take a cacao tree five years to produce its first cacao beans, once it does it will produce approximately 2500 beans.
Each year approximately 3.8 million tons of cacao beans are grown.
One pound of chocolate requires approximately 400 cacao beans.
In the week before Easter approximately $500 million is spent on 71chocolate. This accounts for 70% of the total candy sales that week.
More chocolate is sold in the week leading up to Halloween than in the week leading up to Easter or in the week leading up to Valentine's Day. More than 90 million pounds of chocolate are sold in the last week of October.
Daniel Peter was the first person to make milk chocolate. He mixed condensed milk with chocolate in 1875 and milk chocolate was born. The condensed milk came from his friend Henri Nestle.
Some chocolate is good for you however it must be dark chocolate with very little sugar. Dark chocolate has been shown to improve brain function and blood pressure, as well as insulin sensitivity and cholesterol levels.
Switzerland consumes the most chocolate per person each year. Each person consumes approximately 22 pounds a year. Following Switzerland is Australia at 20 pounds, and Ireland at 19 pounds.
In some regions of Oaxaca, Mexico, chocolate is used for medicinal purposes. It is used for treating bronchitis and to help children ward off stings by bees and scorpions.
Chocolate's melting point is about 93 degrees Fahrenheit. It is the only edible substance to melt at this temperature. This is why it melts in your mouth when you put it on your tongue.
In 2007 a jewel thief in Antwerp, Belgium gained the trust of security guards by repeatedly giving them chocolate. This distraction made it possible for him to walk away with $28 million worth of gems.

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