Donuts Facts

Donuts Facts
Donuts (or doughnuts) are a fried dough dessert that can often be found in coffee shops, bakeries, and grocery stores. Most donuts are round and may or may not have a hole in the center. Donuts are usually made with flour, sugar, eggs, milk, oil and flavorings. Once fried donuts can be coated with icing, sugar, glaze, or filled with cream, preserves, or custard. Some other shapes of donuts include balls, spheres, or twists. Ring-shaped donuts may have been invented by Dutch settlers in North America or they may have been invented by an American aboard a ship when he was 16. Nobody can prove one story or the other.
Interesting Donuts Facts:
Every year in the United States more than 10 billion donuts are made.
Canada makes only 1 billion donuts a year but has more donut shops per capita than any country around the world.
The first mention of donuts in print was by Washington Irving, the author of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.
In Oregon a donut shop called Voodoo Doughnut once offered donuts coated in Pepto Bismol or Nyquil. The FDA eventually put a stop to it.
There were donuts made with potato starch instead of flour and they were called spudnuts. Spudnuts was the first fast food chain to open in Los Angeles but it is closed now as a franchise.
In Boston there is one donut shop for every 2480 people.
In France donuts were once called 'Pet de Nonne' which translates to nun's farts.
The habit of police officers going to donut shops began in the 1950s when they would go to donut shops to do their paperwork late at night. Donut shops were often the only businesses open at that hour and the owners were happy to have police presence so late at night.
Renee Zellweger ate 20 donuts a day to help her gain weight for the movie Bridget Jones.
In 1933 donuts were given the title the 'Hit Food of the Century of Progress' at the Chicago World's Fair.
Salvation Army volunteers would take donuts and coffee to soldiers in France in the trenches during World War I.
The most iconic donut shop in Hollywood is Randy's Donuts. It has appeared in many movies including Crocodile Dundee and Iron Man 2.
The Dutch referred to donuts as olykoeks, which means oily cakes.
National Doughnut Day is June 5th. It was established to celebrate the Salvation Army donut bakers who made donuts for the soldiers during World War I.
The donut with a hole in the center was likely created because the center was never able to fully cook and it would lead to stomach issues. Cutting the center out allowed the donut to fully cook more evenly and eliminate raw dough.
The cronut, which is a croissant-donut combination, contains about 1330 calories.
The world record for donut eating in 2002 was 49 glazed donuts consumed in only eight minutes.
The world record for eating 47 cream-filled glazed donuts was set in 2007.

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