Lucozade Facts

Lucozade Facts
Lucozade is a sport and energy soft drink first introduced in the United Kingdom in 1927. It was originally called Glucozade by William Owen, a pharmacist in Newcastle. It was originally created to serve as an energy drink for people when they were ill. In 1929 it was renamed Lucozade and in 1938 it was acquired by Beecham's (now known as GlaxoSmithKline). Until 1983 it was sold as an orange flavoured, carbonated beverage and was commonly taken into hospitals in the UK by visitors. In 2016 a bottle of Lucozade contained more sugar than a Coca-Cola soft drink.
Interesting Lucozade Facts:
Until 1983 Lucozade came in a glass bottle with yellow cellophane wrapping.
Lucozade was sold 2013 to Suntory, a Japanese conglomerate for £1.35 billion.
Lucozade is manufactured in the Forest of Dean, at the Royal Forest Factory in Coleford, Gloucestershire, England.
Glucozade was originally created to provide energy to those suffering from influenza or the common cold or other common illnesses.
Energy drinks such as Lucozade are marketed to provide energy from sugars to increase athletic performance and endurance.
Lucozade has a high sugar content making it appropriate for those suffering from hypoglycemia.
The ingredients of Lucozade include carbonated water, glucose syrup, citric acid, lactic acid, unspecified flavouring, potassium sorbate, sodium bisulphite, caffeine, ascorbic acid, and color.
There is a warning label on Lucozade that it may have a negative effect on a child's attention and activity.
One 380 ml bottle of Lucozade contains 266 calories, 65.4 grams of carbohydrates (sugars 33.1 grams), and 46 mg of caffeine.
One 380 ml bottle of Lucozade contains approximately 12.5 teaspoons of sugar.
Because of the ethanol (alcohol) in Lucozade, Muslims were not allowed to consume the beverage until a 2004 ruling that made it permissible.
Lucozade Sport Lite was released in 2011 with 70% less sugar and fewer calories.
Lucozade Alert is a flavor shot that contains caffeine and B-vitamins in a 60 ml orange shot that has only 2 calories.
Lucozade Revive is a 380 ml energy drink with low calories and B-vitamins.
Lucozade sponsors many teams and athletes including the McLaren Formula One team, the Republic of Ireland Football Team, the England Football Team, the England Rugby Football Union, the FA Cup, the FA Premier League, the Amateur Rowing Association, Ben Wynne, Ronan O'Gara, Damien Duff, Steven Gerrard, and Michael Owen.
Lucozade is marketed as a soft drink, but with the notion that it encourages people to participate in sports more and to recover more quickly.
Although marketed as sports drink an athlete is still better off having a pre-match nutritional meal that is sufficient in calories and carbohydrates, and in drinking water rather than high calories energy drinks which are loaded with sugar.
Sugary drinks such as Lucozade can result in rotting teeth and shortened concentration.
The Lucozade Sports Science Academy is a research arm of Lucozade that performs nutritional research while partnering with spots professionals, nutritionists, sports coaches, and universities.
Between 1984 and 1989 the sales of Lucozade in the United Kingdom tripled due to rebranding.

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