McDonalds Facts

McDonalds Facts
McDonald's is a fast food chain that was founded in 1940, by Maurice and Richard McDonald as a barbecue restaurant. By 1948 they had begun to operate with a production line and in 1953 the first franchised location opened. In 1955 a businessman named Ray Kroc joined the McDonald's team and later bought the chain. When McDonald's first opened in 1940 they served hot dogs, not hamburgers. Today the chain can be found in 120 countries around the world, in over 36,899 locations. It is estimated that the franchises and company owned stores together employ over 375,000 people.
Interesting McDonalds Facts:
It is rumored that the original founders of McDonald's sold the chain to Ray Kroc because of his aggressive business tactics.
There were more than 100 billion hamburgers sold at McDonald's locations around the world by 1993.
More than 70% of sales at McDonald's in the United States are through the drive-through windows.
The Caesar salad at McDonald's contains more fat than the hamburger.
Over 68 million people eat at a McDonald's every single day.
Thanks to the Happy Meal, McDonald's is considered the largest toy distributor in the world.
More people around the world are able to recognize the golden arches that represent McDonald's than they are able to recognize the cross.
Although McDonald's is a large chain, Subway is the largest in the world.
An average employee at McDonald's must work for seven months to make what a CEO does in only one hour.
McDonald's has Hamburger University, offering a bachelor's degree in hamburgerology. More than 80,000 people have graduated.
No matter where one is located in the United States, they are always within 115 miles of a McDonald's.
After consuming a Big Mac, French fries, and a super-sized pop one would have to walk for seven hours to burn off the calories.
An individual in India would have to work for 6 hours in order to earn enough to buy a Big Mac.
Of all the sesame seeds grown in Mexico, roughly 75% of them are found on hamburger buns at McDonald's.
McDonald's French fries account for roughly 7% of the potatoes grown in the United States.
Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, has a McDonald's gold card which entitles him to free food at the chain.
In some countries you can buy beer at McDonald's, including the Netherlands, Spain, Austria, Germany, and France.
Hot dogs are so popular in Japan that McDonald's offers the McHotDog in that country.
The inventor of the Big Mac Burger lived to be 98. His name was Michael Delligatti.
The only capital city in the United States that does not have a McDonald's is Montpelier, Vermont.
Some countries that one might be surprised to know have McDonald's include Kazakhstan, Tunisia, Qatar, Panama, Columbia, and Serbia.
In some countries the menu varies according to local food preferences. In Asia soup is served. Meat pies are sold in New Zealand.
Some McDonald's have playgrounds which are referred to as PlayPlace. The first was created in 1987.

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