Bingo Game Facts

Bingo Game Facts
Bingo, or B-I-N-G-O is a game in which players are handed a Bingo card with numbers. As the Bingo caller draws numbers and calls them out, each player marks their card. When a player gets a full row they call out BINGO. There are a variety of ways to play and a variety of mediums used for cards, marking numbers, and prizes can include merchandise, cash, or any other item that players wish to compete for. There are Bingo halls that regularly host Bingo games, which can become a regular activity for people. To win at Bingo, most games require a single line, however these rules can be changed to include only one number or the player may need to cover their entire card to win.
Interesting Bingo Game Facts:
Germans were the first to use Bingo cards in the 1800s as a type of educational tool to learn multiplication.
Carl Leffler was a mathematics professor who invented at least 6,000 Bingo card combination cards and is rumored to have gone insane afterwards.
In the U.K., Bingo cards are referred to as 'Housie'.
The Bingo cards used in the United States differ from those used in the U.K. American Bingo cards 5x5 squares. A U.K. Bingo card has 3 rows with 9 columns. American Bingo cards include numbers between 1 and 75. U.K. Bingo cards use numbers from 1 to 90.
It is estimated that each week American Bingo players spend more than $90 million on their cards.
A Bingo player is considered to be ready/waiting/cased/set/down/ or chance if they only need one more number to win.
A person who calls BINGO before truly having won is referred to as 'jumping the gun'.
If someone calls BING by accident this is referred to as a bongo, social error, or false alarm.
If a person wins a line in Bingo without using the free space this is referred to as a hard way Bingo.
Online Bingo is also popular. The first online Bingo game was released in 1996 and called Bingo Zone.
People play Bingo more because they enjoy the game than they do to win. A poll found that winning was only 5th in importance for those who play Bingo regularly.
Bingo has been shown to keep a person's brain in shape. Bingo players are more agile mentally than those who do not play.
Bingo is believed to have originated in Italy in 1530, when it was played as a Saturday lottery. It was referred to as "Il Giuoco del Lotto d'Italia".
The French version of Bingo emerged in 1778 and was called Le Lotto.
The game Keno evolved from Bingo.
Most people who play Bingo are 35 years of age or under.
A person by the name of Margaret has a higher chance of winning a Bingo game than someone with another name, statistically.
In the U.K alone Bingo games account for 20,000 jobs.
Online Bingo players are mostly women, as they account for about 83% of those who play online.

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